Advertising on Jerseys has to go!!!

Watching the Argos and the Cats, the Rona and Nissan patches on the Argo jerseys are SO tacky looking. What next, maxi pad logos.

I agree. Any one watch International Hockey from Europe? The advertising on the Players and Officials looks just awful.

A couple of patches the way it looks is not bad.
Plus it's all about sponsorship and we do need it in the league.

agree 100%

The league needs the revenue stream.
Besides, those patches are nothing compares to the stuff you see on some soccer jerseys or European sports tems.

To be honest, I don't even notice them most of the time.

Oh yes in European hockey, they are plastered all over, on the helmets, shirts and pants.
Very tasteless.

The patches are fine. The jerseys' still look classy unlike in some euro leagues. But I do agree the Nissan is a bit tacky, because it's wider then most and the red is noticeable, but no biggy.

I have no problem with them - just keep them OFF the helmets.


If it brings revenue to the CFL and the ads are simple and tasteful I'm o.k with it. Until I see Stayfree logos or other Female Hygiene logos on the jersey's I won't mind!

patches? What patches??

We dont need no stinking patches