What an adventure it was getting to Montreal. First we met out at Aldershot, got on the bus and headed back to IWS to meet up with the players bus and our police escort to Union Station. Little did we know that a freight train had derailed outide of Kingston.

We got to the stadium and were told about the derailment. We waited while the wonderful staff hurriedly got flights for the team and us. We headed down to Pearson where we had a four hour wait for our flight. We had a good time at a restaurant at the airport during the wait. Then we boarded our flight to Montreal and were there is less than an hour.

After arriving in Montreal, We boarded another bus and were taken to our hotel.It was quite an adventure, like something out of the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles. A big thank you goes out to Mark, Debbie, Kristin and all the rest who went out of their way to make this trip as pleasant and wnjoyable as they could. You guys are the best!!!!!

cattmann, sounds like you had a better time than Ken Peters... Apparently he had to take the bus... lol