Advance ticket sales?

I have to wonder how advance sales are going for the Cats this year.

As I mentioned in another thread - my family buys Holiday Packs for each other at Christmas. I had two of them to redeem. Just as in previous years when you register the voucher code online it prompts you that you will get a call after May 15 at which time you can select your seats and games based on availability at that time.

The Labour Day game is blacked out fom the vouchers.

So this year they called me today saying I could redeem now. So I did. And when I said I was redeeming two vouchers they mentioned I could roll those two vouchers into a 3 game Flex Pack and choose the Labour Day game as my third game if I wanted to. I usually buy tickets to the Labour Day game anyways - so I thought - why not - let's go for it.

They are seats fairly high up in Section 217 - and I figured when all was said and done it might cost me in the $50 - $75 range for the pair to the Labour Day game on top of the two other games I was choosing with my vouchers.

A very pleasant surprise when I found out with my two vouchers and just $17.00 I was able to get a pair of tickets to games against Ottawa, Calgary and the Labour Day game against the Argos. A pair to the Labour Day game for just $17!

I'll take that kind of deal anytime.

I'm thinking wrong that's 8.50 per ticket if that's true as a season ticket holder since early 90s there gonna hear me roar I pay 19 per ticket in same area

And not just ticket prices. Last minute buyers often are offered little perks and freebies, which are not offered to STHs, and even discounts on concerts, hockey and soccer games, and college games. Plus they have our money for six or more months prior to the season.

I keep reminding myself that without early suscribers, they could have cash flow problems, and without STHs, there may not even be a team. But still, isn’t there something to be said about rewarding loyalty over Johnny-come-latelys? No reference to Manziel, by the way :D.

It has been that way for the last few years. You get a better deal buying tickets through their promotions than you do buying as a STH. The only benefit of STH is you get the same seat every game.

Makes me cry for the TiCats. That’s a tragedy.
So much money and effort being put into the club, and just fans don’t care, ergo $17 Labour Day seat prices:'(

Don't cry for them. Last season sucked, not surprising that ticket sales are down. If the team gets better, on and off the field, sales will pick back up. I really don't think it's too concerning.

I just checked my credit card statement and the total charge for adding a pair of Labour Day game tickets to the Ottawa and Calgary games I selected with my vouchers was $16.68.

So it ended up costing me $8.34 per ticket. Section 217 - Row 21.

From what they said on the phone they said my 3 game flex pack for a pair for 3 games was in the $150 range. And they said each voucher was deemed to have a value of $66.66 or something like that - so by the time they applied the two vouchers the net cost to me to add the Labour Day game was the $8.34 per ticket for the pair.

So of course it was a no brainer I go ahead and do that.

Lol, I hear ya. I know TiCats fans are passionate about their team and long term they will be fine. What I think is sad is how low the value of a great CFL teams ticket has become in some markets - simply because of the team not winning much lately.

Some of the best times I’ve ever had being a Rider fan were at the games where we were getting a beat down and everyone just drank away their sorrows and made the best of it. One of the funniest moments I ever had with another teams fan was when the TiCats were in town and they were down something like 28-0 or whatever and the TiCats scored a single - which came back due to a penalty. This poor TiCats fan wearing all his gear and literally standing in a sea of green and white stands up, puts his hands on his head in frustration and yells so loud that everyone in the stadium could hear him: “NO!! NOT MY ONE POINT!!! ALL I’M ASKING FOR IS ONE LOUSY POINT!!!!!?

His manner of dealing with the games frustrations were priceless. Everyone around him could empathize because we’ve all been there (only 4 Cups here in Sask in 100+ years remember). He had many drinks bought for him after that. I even got a pic of him standing up shouting, amongst all the Rider fans. It was priceless and he became the unsung hero of that game. Made the local paper.

Besides winning, that’s also what I love about CFL football. The camaraderie.

Apparently last week was a good week for season ticket sales and because of some 'good news coming' more season tickets should be sold this week.

I wonder what the good news is.

I wonder what the good news is ?

Hopefully it's the re-signing of both Tasker and Dean and that the team has officially told Johnny to take his hoodies and ball caps and the rest of his BS and shove them where the sun doesn't shine .

What you said!!??