advance Grey Cup tickets

Does anybody know how I can get a password or code for the CFL Insider presale of the '05 Grey Cup tickets in Vancouver?

Just what I came here looking for too! Anyone have any info on this?

Visit That is where you register for presale. Public sale of tickets is May 21st.'ll cost ya...........

..........DAMN Big Kahuna........I was going to have some fun with these guys.......

To get a ticket on the presale that ends on Friday May 19 at 10 pm log on to Ticketmaster site
Passwords for Telus employees is Telus
Password for Chartered General Accountants is CGA
The whole lower section is held for sason ticket holders so the best you can do is level 4 seats. high up but a graet view. Probably the best you can get now is about the 30 yd line
2 tickets will set you back about $500.

.........the password for Sasktel employees is Tryagainnextyear......... :lol:

The password is... insider. Hey the more people there to watch THÊ M?GHT¥ Ê�MØÑTØÑ?ʧ?�Mا win their 13th cup, the better. I'll be there.

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Why aren’t the ticket prices shown anywhere? The site only says $80 to $240. How about a breakdown seating areas and cost? :?: