Advaced warning

Just telling you the streek breakers will get a streek of their own, 2 loses in a row

interesting thought, but the Eskimoes are too perfect…
They bestride the CFL like a colossus!!

depends on which team shows up. If the one that played BC shows up then TO has not got a chance in hell. If the one that played HAmilton shows up then it will be a blow out for TO.

Something tells me it is the same one that lost to the Riders ha ha ha ha

budha wrote: depends on which team shows up. If the one that played BC shows up then TO has not got a chance in hell. If the one that played HAmilton shows up then it will be a blow out for TO.

Something tells me it is the same one that lost to the Riders ha ha ha ha

ACtually everyone but their kicker showed up for that one

Hello budha. It appears as of this evening of have been booted off of the commie site known as the Official Edmonton Eskimo site. My rants about Coach Makebelieve have ruffled too many feathers and there are just too many babies on that site.

Eskies run the ball against the Agos and they will win, refuse to run and they will lose.

I see in my crystal ball the team in gold and green being trounced by men in double blue!



I like your graphic. Can your boy predict how much longer the Eskies will be stuck with Coach Makebelieve?

By the way, it is green and gold. :smiley:

Ya but those new jerseys would make it gold and green right. Ya I am with you there. I am probably one of very few Stamp fans that cheer for the esks when they do not play the stamps. After all Alberta teams come first. Did you get booted from the Esks site. If you got booted for that then ya you are right that is just not right. Must be little punks like Budha running it ha ha ha 9 yr olds with power. Oh thats right he is 24 yrs old in grade 3.

I know football and I will express my views irregardless of who runs the site. The first thing that the Eskies had me do was remove my signature which said "Get Your Head Out Of Your Butt Coach Makebelieve", if I refused they were going to kick me out. On the Eskies site there are also a lot of babies who do not take critism very well. One guy was offended because I told another poster to stick to farming, this poster felt that Coach Makebelieve was a good coach.

It will be nice to be on a site where you can critique the Eskies without getting your hand slapped by the Eskies.

Critique away - but please refrain from using "irregardless" in future's not even really a word..... :smiley:

Word to the wise, though - this site has its share of babies as well.....

I viewed you bio and I will believe you when you say irregardless is not a word. :smiley:

Hey Staze: I saw that both you and IMSAYIN were kicked off. HE came back and even used the same name. Redwhite2005 (aka dribble boy, see calgary part) is just jealous becuase I am a grade a head of him. I am waiting for them to come after me next. I still use coach makebelieve and from now on I always will.
And you of all people no that I can give as good as I get.

Ha ha Budha you are making friends here I see but you know you left any form of brain power in the Eskie form I bet you are popular there too. But this is good keep up the good work.

Hey dribble boy you just have to know what to say and when to say it. When I want talk to real football fans I'll move over to the other board. We will see how long that lasts. You should also be able to tell by my posts here that I know of what I speak when I come on here.

.........bud, you havent' shown anything that hints you have any football knowledge......the only thing i've seen are petty insults and bragging about how big your rep is on a different website........not impressed so far......

you don't actually read a lot of my posts do you? Or at least have some one read them for you.
Fine lets get back to the game that the post was actually about. As I said earlier if the Edmonton team that plays BC shows up there will be no contest. The esks for the first time all year had a balanced attack, and they stopped the best offense in the league cold, for the most part. In the first TO game it was poor tackling on a couple of plays that cost them 14 points and the offense not showing up until the 4th quarter cost them the game. If the team that stunk out the stadium in HAmilton shows up the score will be worse then the first game and coach makebelieve better start writting his resume, if he has not already.
As for comparing Calgary and Edmonton Football teams the Esks have more and better talent at every position now except for 1 and that one is starting to close the gap. Davis has proven that he is a premier back in this leaue and if he is used will continue to do so. The only thing that Calgary jas on us is the fieldgoal kicking game, but after a very strong start your guy has come back to earth with a huge thud. The Esks passing game is better then Calgarys' by far, and the ESKS defense is the best in the league. Your passing game has been so bad that your recievers have to act like idiots after making a catch for a first down because they can't get to the endzone enough to do it there. The Esks defense stopped your RB cold for 2 straight games (less 100 yards combined). Calgary will be lucky to go 1-3 down the stretch and the only reason they make the playoffs is because Ottawa has gone straight into the tank. This polayoff birth will extend your streak to what, 1. When you can even come close to 35, then you can start talking smack.

.........very good, i'm impressed with this writing.......I sense some anger but it seems to be channeled in a manner that is non-abusive and a danger to yourself....happy thoughts, bud, happy thoughts, keep thinking happy thoughts.......

......some retort do not have a balanced attack have the pieces of one on paper but what your sophmoric coaching staff does with them is a totally different situation.........your offense has a very hot and cold attitude, which I pin on the coaching staff, and yes, if the eskimos that came to the BC game decide to show in Rogers Centre then you actually have a chance........I didn't ask for a comparison between our two respective clubs but you get extra points for offering one anyway.....I disagree that you have better players in every postiion, but that's my opinion and not yours....I would put Copeland up against Tucker, Lewis up against Mitchell, Grace up against Gass, etc. etc........and I would agree your team has more passing yards than ours, as well as more INTs, they kinda go hand in far as deangelis falling with a thud, what are your talking about? he's the second ranked kicker int he league, not even close on that smack, is fleming even ranked?.....

...lastly, the record of the eskimos appearance in post season play is truly admirable and cannot be argued.....I didn't argue it so I'm confused by your offering of the stats as they must go back to the anger thing you have.......oh well, looks like the eskimos will add to that stat this year, perhaps this will make you feel better about yourself and others......

You forget that there is another team showing up across the field from you. Also this game is not in your domain, but Torontos. Edmonton has a very good chance to win this game, but In my opinion Toronto has just as good a chance.

Be sure next time you post you wear your depends! Something tells me you are going to have a bad day soon!