Adrion Smith comments regarding qb situation in Toronto

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if that story is true than i can imagine Micheal Bishop would be pretty pissed off.

I had originally heard that Bishop was going to start and play the entire game, now since Kerry Joseph whined they are going to split? Rediculous

Smith is reporting that

Argos quarterback Michael Bishop was supposed to start
for the Argos this Thursday against Hamilton,

but that when Kerry Joseph found out about it,
he went to the powers-that-be and became the starter.

"It’s absolute bulls—t and you can write that,"

Stubler told me when I contacted him
after the report aired.

Stubler said that last Sunday

when the Argos reconvened for practice
after beating Winnipeg 23-16 on Friday,

he told the media that Joseph was his starter
and has continued to say that all along.

Adrion Smith still has friends in the Argo locker room,
it just takes one of them to leak information like this.

It appears at least one player
is taking Michael Bishop's side,

maybe more. I hope so! :twisted:

Well its really in the hands of the Ticats tonight, if thats what you want. If Ticats can get to Karren, I mean Kerry, then we will see Bishop early.

If Rich Stubler really wanted Bishop to start
why is it that he didn't even put him in?

What part of the article did you not understand???

According to Adrian (and other sourses now) Bishop was told he was the starter, Joseph stomped out of the room and went up to see Pinball. Pinhead then layed down the law with Stubler, and you know the rest man!!!

I cant imagine Adam Rita ordering/pressuring a coach to do this or that, Adam is a pro! That really leaves only Pinball.

You are probably right, but what about the owners

Nothing like a QB contraversy to keep the Argos in the

The problem with the Argo offense is IMO Buratto's dumb play calling. I don't agree too much with Steve Simmons of the Sun, but he has a good article today that is right on as far as I'm concerned.
Essentially saying that Buratto is trying to fit a round peg (Joseph) into a square hole. Making him a drop back passer when his strenght is rolling out and using his legs as a weapon to make his passing game go.
I couldn't agree more. It is what cost the Argos a Grey Cup appearance as well IMO.
I get so tired of American coaches trying to NFL the CFL offenses. If you're not Ricky Ray and his pin point passing you have to roll out to be successful in the CFL. That's what's always worked and always will. There's nothing wrong with the Argo offense that can't be cured by letting Kerry Joseph or Mike Bishop be well Kerry Joseph and Mike Bishop and do what they do best, roll out put pressure on the defense and run occasionally.

You'd think it would be easy for Buratto to understand Joseph's strengths. Weird.

Absolutely! (Except for the small fact that Joseph wasn't an Argo last year...)

Michael Bishop had no problem last year IMHO I loved his play!

Michael Bishop had no problems taking plays from the sidelines last year. Its unfair of Stubler to say it does not matter which QB is in, Bishop has hardly played??? When he did he got the only passing td Argos have this year. He is also the only Argo qb that has not fumbled or been sacked.

Wade Phillips used to use that line in Buffalo, over and over he said, it`s not the qb. Only problem was with that...whenever Flutie played the problems went away.

Joseph is the RJ of the Argos. Put Bishop in as the starter and the whole team will play better in every area.

Speaking of Steve Simmons if you have to much time on your hands you can read my email to Steve Simmons and his response from his latest article.

here it is....I like football.

My preference is NFL over CFL.(this is Steve Simmons words)

But it happens to be my favourite sport, so I like both. When you write critically about the CFL in this market, or positively about the NFL, or even try and analyse both sides, you are often perceived as being negative.

When the Argos were going bankrupt and the league appeared on its way as well, I wrote that they can't get their act together, they deserve to disappear.

Doesn't offend me to have a view: As I have told the Argo owners on occasion, I would love nothing better than it being a full-fledged football town. Right now, it is a town divided between those who support only NFL, those who support only CFL and those who don't care.

If we truly cared about the Argos the way people care about the Leafs, we would be debating things like Michael Fletcher putting on weight, Arland Bruce's attitude, Adriano Belli's penchant for penalties the same way we debate Bryan McCabe and Darcy Tucker.

Unfortunately, writing about the Argos does not resonate similarily. I wish Toronto felt about the Argos the way they did when I was a kid - or the way Buffalo does about its Bills today.

That would make both the Argos, the CFL and the media stronger. But we have to serve our audience. And the demands of the Argo fan, like it or not, are limited.

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I have to disagree with one thing, Bishop would have made the difference, they should have never brought in Joseph. I have been a Argo fan all my life, Bishop brought excitement to my home that had been missing since Flutie. I am miserable about Joseph starting ahead of Bish.

I have also read your column for years, and it has always been my read that you are not a CFL fan but a NFL fan. You probably will not appreciate that ? I did not say it to try and offend you, its just thats always been quite obvious to me.


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