Adriano Belli's Kiss Cam!

Adrino Belli is now the “sponsor” of the kiss cam at Rogers Centre.

As expected, they find a lot of couples and have them kiss and then at the end, they find 2 male, Hamilton Tiger Cat fans.

I don’t know if the guy knew it was coming and came up with this or if we was just that spontanious.

So the camera goes on these two Ticat fans, one of them stands up right away, gives the finger to the camera and then proceed to do a degeneration X gesture (if you aren’t down with DX, we got two words for you…).

They cut away from him so fast but got a huge laugh out of the crowd.

LMAO!! Ok that is funny. See what happens when you try to be clever and it backfires.

Pantload with a penil moustach

Without a doubt, the best post ever.

I don't get it even when I substitute in letters to try to make sense of it. Each to his own, I suppose. :?