Adriano Belli

Alright i know this is bringing up old and quite frankly a completely done topic, but the Rider Ti-Cat game round II showed me and should show others what defines a DIRTY player Adrianno Belli. Whether it was the blindside steam roll on Rocky at the end of the play or the reefing on Dorseys facemask with no intent to let go but rather an atempt to more forcefully jerk his head and neck around. To me this is what defines a dirty player, and shultz hit on Wynn (which i still believe was impossible to avoid) should not label him as a dirty player. If Shultz gets fined for that hit shouldnt the CFL look into Belli’s frustrated antics in this game?

Not only that but did you see the blantant face mask on dorsey? he didnt even make an attempt to let go..If there is not a fine after that game the league is really screwed up

ya i included that in my post/case against belli too, after the butler hit even the boo birds came out from his own fans as he was walking off.

Yeah, there is no doubt that he should get fined. I mean, at least Wynn and Crouch could see it coming when they got hit.
That was really, really dirty in my books. It doesn't matter who you are, you don't come in 5 minutes late and hit ANYBODY, let alone the QB.

to be honest with you I dont think a fine will even faze this guy. He is the epitomy of the "big dumb football player". best thing would be too cut him but even then im sure someone would pick him up