Adriano Belli

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Sorry Ang, have to disagree. Belli has slowed down considerably the last couple of years. He is very prone to get penalties for his self centred attitude. I think he would be a huge distraction for MB and the rest of the coaching staff.
Don't want him and they don't need him.

Sorry but Belli is the last thing a team needs His costly penalties and his personality do nothing to help the team and his talent even in his prime wasn't enough to even consider him for a nano second.

Very nice guy OFF THE FIELD. I respect his work in the community and he's a very pesonable guy OFF THE FIELD. On the field, complete idiot. He takes way too many costly penalties and hasn't really contributed enough in the past couple of seasons to even make it worth considering. He's a blue teamer through and through and I'll give it a big "NO THANKS!".

Belli isn’t a need per se but moderately usefull as DL depth and situational play. Brings an edge. Probably have to take a pay cut.

Belli's been talking to more than just Ang in The Hammer, according to this Arash Madani (Sportsnet) tweet:

"Further to Lefko on Mosca/Belli- the Cdn DL quietly visited #Ticats HQ last Tuesday. Believed his 1st choice is #Argos. But $$$ speaks. #CFL"

Gotta wonder if Ang made contact on his own initiative or was he asked to?

Belli said in the first article he was in contact with HAM.

If Obie and the team are up to it, give the guy a chance. Hamilton in the past has had some very good results from giving the bad boys a chance, ask big Mosca. Our coach now seems to have more patience with these guys. :thup:

Been there...Done that...Got the flag.

Ware's your sense of adventure, I thought we had bigger balls. :roll:

Difference between then and now is Cats wouldn't have to rely on Belli to be a full time player, diff. maker on the line.

He's at the point of his career where his birth certificate, occasional play and veteran presence makes him somewhat usefull - kind of spare part with intangibles.

A backup on the DLine in Reid's position, maybe and see what happens, at least a workout at camp, then deside.

I am not sure I want this guy back
I there he Yelled at his DC and Walked off the Field
We then Traded him to Montreal a few day later.
Can he be coached and will he listen
This is not the WWE it the CFL.

I love the fact He Canadian and can play well for his team
But he also has a side I can;t stand.

Not listening to Kavis Reed doesn't put Belli in exclusive company.

what funny was he work with Kavis in toronto
He had to problems

so why the blow up with Kavis before then

And a demoted Reed was fired from there too. Disagreeing with Reed doesnt make Belli a jerk it makes him fairly normal.

PASS.This guy counteracts every good move the D makes by giving the opposing O the first downs in penalty yards.And what does he do?He either laughs cause he thinks it's great or he get's mad, blow's up and draw's more flags.A big HELL NO to signing him, no matter what his depth position would be.

I always said it would be a bonus to get Belli back. I always liked his spirit. We need a few "characters" back on the squad to lighten things up . 8)

The link to his stats shows them waaaay down last year. Was he pulled for his play, kept in and played poorly, or was this Barker's way of enforcing discipline? Any A&%$# fans (gulp!) out there who can shed some light?

He was injured and missed 12 out of 18 games, and was not very healthy for around half of the six he played.

Oh then it's DEFINITELY a GREAT idea to throw money at him. :roll: