Adriano Belli interview about upcoming game

Hey Bomber fans,

Here's an interview with Adriano Belli about the upcoming game.

Toward the end, he has some words to share about Buck Pierce.

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Seem it, Belli is just kidding around, not really anything to get too excited about.

Just Belli being Belli

......Pierce has a soft melon according to Belli....well rather a little soft than an empty one like his....You have to watch this guy and his dirty play,,,,I just have to reflect back on a game when he punched Obie Khan in the jewels...If i were on the field and a fellow player of Obies at the time and witnessed that, i would have planted a kick squarely on that baboons a$$...then i suppose i'd have to hit the showers...but then so would he, limping with one sore arse... :lol:

nothing to get sweaty about he wants to do his job . if he does it legally its all good.

the kissing bandit.. look out, its time for offsides and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties all game :smiley:

bombers/argos.. history shows us, whoever wins, rarely wins in a blowout, always a close game.. atleast recently.

hope noone is taking them lightly.

This guy more than once has single hand-idly cost his team wins. More of a liability, than an asset! If he tried exercising the thing between his ears more than his mouth, he might be a decent player. We've all seen this type before, they usually don't go far.