Adriano Belli Fans

New member. first time posting.

Are there any Adriano Belli fans out there?

Of course who wouldnt love the way that guy plays ??

You mean the Irish guy? Adrian O'Belli?

(according to Jason Farr...)

He's a good guy to know if you need "cold cuts" for your party so I'm told :lol:

I am a fan. The man plays with passion. He was and is the teams only all-star. Is he signed for next year?

Fan here too. If everyone played with as much heart and determination as Adrianno, we’d have a heck of a lot of penalties, but we’d probably have a better record.

I believe Belli is signed through 2007 (team option). I recall it was a 3-year pact.

Yes, he goes offside often and periodically goes nutzo...but he is a premier CFL defensive tackle.

Oski Wee Wee,

The day Les Als let this guy go was our lucky day. Big Ange got lots of penalties but every team in the league wanted him on their team.

love the guy.

He over Rated…
In his Final Year of his Contract

People Having Been running up the Middle All year on US…

Personly if Resigns He Better Take a Pay Cut…

He should gety fair market value for a canadian, all-star, and local player. Which means pay increase.


for What ?
1 Sack and Letting people get Buy him all year. He's OVERRATED..

I am Shure We can find Someone to replace Him.
He needs to take a Pay Cut..

1.Consistant double teams.
2.O-line slide proteting in his direction.
3. Leadership
4. Effort
5. Passion
6. Non-import
7.New improved contracts given to players with less ability.

I think the man is worth every penny. He keeps the fans going and plays with such heart and determination.

I've met him before and he's an awsome guy.

There Double Peterson Not Belli

I am sorry but Even that is lacking..

What Effort? how many Sacks and Stop of Loss this year from Him
I see 1 Sack no tackles for losses..

These All Give you

Onknight wrote:

"What Effort? how many Sacks and Stop of Loss this year from Him
I see 1 Sack no tackles for losses.."

Belli is a defensive tackle......not a "blitzing" linebacker or a defensive "rush" end....

The sacks come when they come for the front four....but just because a tackle doesn't get mega sacks certainly doesn't mean he isn't doing his job.

Belli is solid in my opinion...

There job is also to stop the Run up the Middle..

he dose won hell of Job this year :roll:
if you call being Beat Will Done..

Chew the Center From Montreal Made Montreal Smoked meat out of Belli for 3 Games

Alessia, will you still be a Ticat fan, or are you now a Montreal fan?

Way back when this thread was active, most people used to like Adriano.

Belli is a "pantload".