Adrian Tracy - Adopted True Hamiltonian

I always liked the guy. I like him more now:

This is a guy you sign to a life long contract because you know he’ll never get complacent. Doing that would only further light the fire

Interesting how the smallest of gestures can make such a difference in someone else’s life.

His first introduction to the kindness of the community came before he played a single down for the Ticats. He was walking down a street on his way to breakfast. Two strangers were going in the opposite direction and one, who noticed Adrian hanging his head, asked how he was doing. Adrian was not wearing anything to suggest he was with the Ticats, so he was caught off guard. He then realized someone was simply trying to be nice. “To feel like I was somebody in a place that nobody knew me felt very important,? he said. “It was just a good feeling when I got here. It felt right. I ended up staying and here we are, more than three years later. From that standpoint where people are just extending a hand to see you smile, that’s what was important to me.

“I think it’s Hamilton. This is a place that prides itself on hard work and community and being tight-knit. That’s exactly what I felt I received. I came from the suburbs in Northern Virginia and that kind of hospitality I’m used to, but I didn’t get it in New York. To receive that kind of acknowledgement without doing anything or contributing (yet) to the success of the Ticats was special.?

I read the entire story.

What an amazing man AT is. I hope not only does he continue to live here all year round, but also hope he becomes a permanent resident/citizen. We need more heroes like him in Canada.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

What a great story!

Wow! What a terrific person.

He and June Jones, each quietly doing something to help people, not for glamour or glory, just to be kind. Danny Mac was similar, he used to go to the hospital often to spend time visiting sick kids. Character people for sure.

Adrian Tracy is an awesome person.

Great now if he can just get to the level of Joe Montford on the field with upwards of 26 QB sacks a season he would be doing even better!!

Greatness comes on many levels, if your a professional athlete you are great at your sport first and foremost than great with other endeavours in life like community, charity or work following your career.

Adrien Tracy is a good player who can become great, he is already great in the community work!


What a great story! He’s underperformed IMO as a player this year (hoping he will step it up in the second half of the season), but I’m glad he’s a Ticat because of things like this.

Thanks Adrian for being a great example of what it means to be a Ticat on and off the field!

I was impressed with him from the start…good attitude. We have been vacationing in Williamsburg VA a couple of times a year (spring and fall)since 2004 and have attended games at “William and Mary”… who knew he would some day play for the Ticats? I can recommend taking in a game there…it’s an old, beautiful and intimate stadium. Go early and walk through the tailgate area. :wink:

What a terrific story. Well done Adrian!

Adrian Tracy is All-Pro.