Adrian Tracey

Any news yet? Sure hope he's not out for long

So nobody has heard anything.

What will they do on Sunday? Move Johnson over and have no backup? Bring someone off the PR? who?

We should know by about 4:30 PM Saturday, if not sooner, what will happen with the roster.

They can't "bring someone off the PR" because there are no defensive linemen, at all, on it. In fact, the only DL, with the team, not on the 46-man roster is Evan Gill who has been on the 6-Game Injured List for 30 games now and has never played a down in the CFL. If Tracy can't play, it'd be Johnson in his spot and Omara as the backup. Dressing Gaydosh as a 6th DL might be considered. However, for the 2 games prior to Labour Day, the Cats did have only 5 DL dressed, with Atkinson being the only backup. And, Omara wasn't on the roster for those games against SSK and CAL.

The main question has to be whether or not Tracy has been practicing and that I have not heard one way or the other.

was a twitter pic of him promoting smile cookies for Timmies today. Had his practice gear and helmet.

[i]Caution: please do not read this post as it is in very poor taste.

OK, you've been warned.[/i]

I don't think cookies are the right kind of food for Tracy to be promoting. I see a better fit for him being something like this: an ad for a BBQ restaurant, come and get a nice rack of tender ribs, along with a free bobblehead doll of an Argo quarterback.

Clearly that was completely inappropriate, and the poster should be forced to take a timeout.


On a Ticat site, just after the LDC it is priceless.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: