Adrian McPherson

Adrian has just been released by the Argos, with Harris on the six game now , would it may be a good idea for Austin to bring him in for a look see ?

I think everyone knows what Adrian is as a football player already.
He does have experience which brings value.
I personally would prefer to have while ZC is out:
Masoli #1
Mathews #2
and see what Waters can do as #3.

I've always liked McPherson, form when he was in Montreal, which was a while ago now. I thought we should have tried to sign him when he was a free agent and signed with the arena league. I think it can't hurt to have a look. However, I wouldn't want to at the expense of releasing Mathews. Does anyone know how old he is? Not that it necessarily matters since QBs have excelled even into their 40's.

Very difficult time of the year for coaches and some fans seeing some players get cut and others lose their jobs. I wish them and their families well. :frowning:

I agree with The Iceman on this. And, if they bring in another QB, I'd rather he, or she (political correctness :roll: ), be somebody new to the fans.

Not a fit for the Cats IMO. The qualities KA looks for the most is decision making and ability to read the play progressions quickly. Both of these are areas that McPherson failed to develop in. Adrian is very athletic and while that is valuable, that is not the priority skill set in a KA offensive package.

Yes bring him to Hamilton, Kackert released in Toronto bring him to Hamilton too.

Now with Harris on the 6 game im sure the Cats are looking at bringing in another QB just not sure he fits our needs