Adrian McPherson ...

... reportedly enters the QB sweepstakes in Calgary.

Barring injury, I don't see him passing Mitchell or Tate on the depth chart, and I doubt he is even the last QB that will be added to go to camp, but I wish him the best of luck.

I see this signing as a pretty clear sign that Calgary is grooming BLM to be the eventual starter. Having a veteran like Adrian who can run a zone-read offense will be doubly important when Bo Levi becomes the starter. I think they'll let Tate play but cut him loose when (not if) he gets injured again...

Well good luck to all the Stamps fans who have to read posts on their forum. :roll:

Très heureux pour McPherson qu'il ait de nouveau une opportunité de se faire valoir dans cette ligue.

Mais puisque McPherson est le meilleur quart disponible sur le marché pour diriger une attaque de la LCF, il est clair que Mitchell n'a aucune chance d'être le quart partant.

A couple of interesting things in this article. McPherson seems to accept not necessarily being a starter, and the Als did place a call to him late last season.

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Like I wrote last week. He’s probably kicking himself in the head. Had he been just a little more patient, he would have had a real shot last season.

Before Adrian McPherson made his decision to join the Calgary Stampeders, he turned to a couple of well-versed sources. “The first thing I did was call Henry Burris (and) I called Kevin Glenn,? explained McPherson. “They said, hey, that’s a great organization, those are great people, they’re honest people. They’re going to shoot you straight. And to hear that from guys that are no longer there meant a lot to me. “Then I called Larry Taylor, who’s a close friend of mine, and he told me the same thing. In this point in my career, I’m just looking for honesty and they’ve been honest with me. I’m comfortable with the situation I’m stepping into. I know they have two really good quarterbacks there, but I just wanted to get back outside and play football for a winning organization.?

Quinlan might have had as well.

" like I wrote last week. He's probably kicking himself in the head. Had he been just a little more patient, he would have had a real shot last season".
I would agree with HFX's above comment but, I wonder if McPherson really would have had a real shot last season. Calvillo, again, owned the Als QB slot at the beginning of last season and, to McPherson this has to have meant that he would have returned to the Als in his same old position. In this old position he would have been with the Als who, in his years with the team, completely neglected his need for more playing time. Without doubt, during his tenure with the Als, there were many many occasions when, the Als could have given him needed playing time. There were many games with the Als so greatly in front of the opposing team that, McPherson should have been permitted playing time. In other games, McPherson, with his running ability, could have been a real plus to our offensive team. A large issue here is the concept of relationship. Persons with positive relationships with others will usually receive positive relationships in turn. The way the Als treated McPherson, this must have certainly promoted negative relationships between McPherson and the team management. From my perception, this meant that McPherson's leaving for Tampa was a neat way to remove himself from persons like Popp, Trestman and a team that refused him development time. He then placed himself in a position where he was very accepted, by the Tampa Bay organization- and he thrived.It appears that Larry Taylor and Kevin Glenn did convince McPherson that he would receive respect from Coach Hufnagel. The result is that McPherson returned to a back up role with the Stamps- a role he refused with the Als. Too bad! Calvillo was washed up in 2013 and, McPherson, none who follow the Alouettes closely can argue, is miles ahead in QB qualities than is Neiswander.

There is a sad story to all this. The Als, by not permitting McPherson to have game experience, lost the opportunity, to have a skilled and, game active McPherson take over from the aging Calvillo. McPherson was not permitted to grow in skill with more experience. On the positive side, The Stamps acquire a talented, game ready QB to play in a back up role. They will most likely use McPherson, beginning on third and one situations- McPherson was one of the best third and one QB's that I have ever seen. He certainly led the league in this role and, demonstrated a competency to throw from this position also.

I recall McPherson demonstrating great beginning skill as a pro QB. In watching McPherson execute a 8-10 yard third down and, then, resume his usual place at the back of the team, I often "spoke" to him from the comfort of my den yelling= " For God,s sake man, get away from this team, you'd be better of with another one". He finally did.

It will be interesting to see him with another team and a different mindset.

Provided he stays with the Stamps and sees playing time.

And that's far from a sure thing, I'd say.

Based on the last two seasons in Calgary. I disagree.

He may stay, but seeing playing time is another story. But he may get more than he did while he was here.

Or trade-bait before the spring draft.

Mad Jack and Tony; Don't you think that should McPherson remains with Calgary, he would, at minimum be given the third and one situations? He was the best in the league at that position before 2013. He was a star at Tampa as a running( and passing) QB in 2014.

Too soon to say Niagara; he hasn't made the team yet. If he does, no idea as to how Hufnagel will use him.

Somehow, I don't see Calgary breaking camp with Tate, Mitchell, and McPherson. I suspect one of those three will get released or traded before the season begins.

Or Tate pulls something and begins the season on IR.

Thats what I would be saying all along to much mocking by others saying how bad McPherson was. Certainly could have seen more field time than he did but the AC Ego seemed to keep AC down. Just getting the heck out of Montreal and actually play and start for a pro football league enven if it is the 3rd tier of pro football in North America he got to play and has returned with what seems to be some rejuvinated enthusiasm to the CFL

Well I am going to continue to say that McPherson hasnt proven anything. Did not show me any more than Ricky Santos did. As for ACs ego holding him back that is a ridiculous statement. AC was setting North American football records while McPherson showed lack of accuracy and poor ability to make decisions.

He had great character, never made waves, and if you want to judge a QB on short yardage situations, well yeah he was good at that.

I don't recall any of that. I stand to be corrected, but it seems to me that posters here either thought McPherson was (a) best thing since sliced bread, or (b) that he was unproven. Specifically, I don't recall anyone in here saying McPherson was bad.