Adrian McPherson.

The Tiger-Cats seem to be in the hunt for new QB's lately with five on the roster currently and trying to find the perfect fit for the team with Burris playing off his norm in the past two games, LeFevour getting some playing time, maybe the Cats should look at a QB like Adrian McPherson who has CFL experience with Montreal, is a free agent in the CFL currently playing with Tampa Storm of the Arena Football League and former team mate of Greg Ellingson. This might be an interesting potential combo having McPherson play with Ellingson in Hamilton and also WR Brian Bratton is also available.

The Tiger-Cats do not have a fast play maker WR since the loss of Williams, we have good size in receivers in Fantuz, Ellingson, Grant, Jones but no real explosive type player who can stretch the field. If this team had one or two players who had great speed at WR and can get open we would be in more in the Win column this year! more QB's in camp. Nobody else has picked him up and even Montreal who has struggled and knows this player has not picked him up. Let it go. :rockin:

But McPherson had a season ending injury in Tampa and won't be back until next year. There was a story about him in the Bradenton FL paper, if he hadn't been injured he would have had a tryout with the Bears under Tressman.

And I bet he gets a chance with the bears next year.