Adrian McPherson Spotting?

Can't argue with any of that. . . we've seen MacPherson perform, and all we've seen from Leak so far is a TD pass off of a fake kick. . . a great play certainly but it was just one play, so who really knows about him at this stage.

I as well am not particularly interested in any of the BC QBs. . . but even if I was, that would only kick in were we to trade MacPherson, and I agree there's nothing on Toronto's roster that interests me enough to make a deal there, in our own division.

Any idea about the quality of Canadian receivers up for this year's draft?

Whoa, relax there, my friend. Nowhere have I stated that I wanted to trade Adrian. Far from it.

I will, however, retract my choice of words regarding Leak, because you're right: I have no way of knowing that he's capable. But I do feel that he has a ton of upside, or else management wouldn't have kept him over Santos. IIRC Leak looked good in preseason action both this year and last year.

To me, Adrian gets traded only if the return is overwhelmingly worth it for us. Short of that, why would we trade our QB of the future? It's taken us so long to find Calvillo's successor. We'd be foolish to trade him now. I think Desriveaux can be a good NI receiver, and for the rest, let's build our CanCon through the draft, which has already given us Perrett, Bourke, and Emry in recent years.

Not saying you are but when you say Leak is capable and we could pick up one of BC's leftovers you don't sound like you woudl mind too much anyway just giving my opinion.

I like Akeem Foster, Incredible physical tools, improved consistantly through his CIS career (two different HC). Good attitude. Big guy with wheels. I think there is a chance he will be there at 7. Because the teams drafting ahead of the Als are all desperate for Olinesman.

Akeem made a highlight reel of his 2008 season if you want to look

If your looking at a slotback. Als could look Tony Woodson Jr. Out of Calgary. Als went to the Dinos in the frist round last year when they picked Steenbergen. Blake Nill is IMO the most "Pro" like coach in the CIS. Makes most NCAA or NFL coach look like babies.

So if he's there, do you think Popp will draft him? What's your take on the 2009 draft in general?

I think we're making a big "hoopla" about who's there or not, here's my view on it:

in 2005 & 2006, I was talking to Strickland and I remember both those years, his rent was from June until Dec 1st.

So each year on Dec 1st, whatever the result were, he was going back to Mississipi, because all his stuff was booked and he didn't had any apartment, his rent was out.

Yeah, some could make arrangements to stay 1-2 days more...but maybe some really can't...even if they win the championship, they will fly home....

I think we just have to step back and stop speculating on why's so-and-so are there or not....

My pick would be Cory Greenwood but the NFL is sniffing around ( Colts again). Akeem Foster would be up there for sure. The Way I see it is I would try and draft at the receiver, Linebacker,Corner/Safety position, unless a Bulcke type player falls off the board. We have Cahoon, Proux and Sanchez that are at most one or two year from retirement. and we don't have iMO players with the potential to be all star Canadians to replace them, we can't even get NI like that on the FA market even if Jim wanted to pay for them so the draft this year and next will decide if the Als continue to be a dominant team or fall in the pack. Lucky for us this year's draft is the best ever IMO. There is at least 4 solid round of prospects maybe 5.

And they owners want to reduce Canadian content :roll:

Exactly how I see it too :thup:

I can see why TSN would like to try and stir the pot 8)

Jim has a rule and I don't remember him cheating it. He picks the best player available regardless of position. If someone had told me he would pick an Olinesman with his first pick last year I would have argued and laughed them off... So I have no clue who he will pick at 7, none.

Akeem looks good on video- who was the QB, he has a good arm. What University.

St-Francis Xavier University. Quarterback was Steve Snyder. He had a good arm but didn't understand our game all that well but he had two really good Receivers in Foster and Osei.

I don't think this is a non-story.
I met Matthieu Proulx in Dollarama 2 weeks ago.
I mentioned that I was a big Adrian McPherson fan, he answered:
Proulx:"Yah I know, that's guy's got lots of talent. If he doesn't get more playing time he'll be leaving for another team."
Me:"Maybe the NFL?"
Proulx: "Naw, he's too..
Me:"Right, he's 26."

He can't wait around much longer folks.
All I want to ask Als fans is: Do you want to see McPherson tearing up the league? For the Argos? The Ticats? The Bombers?

I appreciate all that AC has done for this team, but if the Als don't start some kind of platoon system at QB, the future's going to start running down the field....towards OUR end zone.

Anything can happen but he is under contract for the next TWO YEARS and he is the backup QB. What is he going to do ? I suppose he could go on a hunger strike. Not to mention he played 3.5 games this year in his second season in the league (normal progression) He's playing under th best QB in the CFL and the best QB coach (Trestman). Aside from quick money he's got a great situation. Als are making an investment in him and he should honor his contract just like Trestman.

What do we do if Calvillo gets a serious injury ?
Illness hits his family again?

McPherson is one of the most popular players on the team and he is not even starting yet. Popp is popular but not popular enough to make that trade. If McPherson was traded and blew out the Als, fans would lose their mind. He is the best QB prospect to come in to this league in at least 10 years and our QB is almost 40. Winnipeg and Toronto fans are dreaming that we will trade our future franchise QB... I don't think it will happen.


If McPherson does have a contract, then unless he is released there is nothing much he can do. And the Alouette organization better not do it. What I am afraid is that he just waits until he is free, then he moves out. If one reads the boards of other teams, they are drooling with the prospect of having him aboard, the Argos in particular.

While Calvillo still has plenty of football years, the team needs to address the needs of McPherson and Leak to shine. There are a lot of opportunities this season IMHO, when McPherson could have entered the game and really made the play. Instead, Trestman kept on playing Calvillo, or playing McPherson just to run the clock with the predictable passing plays to Cobourne.

There are a lot of opportunities this season IMHO, when McPherson could have entered the game and really made the play. Instead, Trestman kept on playing Calvillo, or playing McPherson just to run the clock with the predictable passing plays to Cobourne.
It was much worse than that, I'm afraid. Until Week 16, when McPherson replaced Calvillo after that calf injury, he'd thrown something like 3 passes. He was under orders not to pass the ball previous to that. It was a wonder he made any yardage at all....or didn't get hurt against pissed off defenses keying on a run-only playbook.

The Als were damned lucky Calvillo wasn't more injured than he was. Letting a backup like McPherson stagnate like they have is a crying shame. It really is time to start thinking about the future.

You can only have one "pilot" or at a time but you need a Copilot anyway....I think it is flattering to Adrian that teams think highly of him. I'd love to have Shologan and Fantuz... Adrian was #3 last season, the Als offered a job to Brady to move him to #2 so he could have more reps and he did play the equivalent of 3.5 games. Next year the goal should be for him to play 5 or 6 games, Anthony could fall down the stairs of his house getting a glass of milke in the middle of the night and all of a sudden Adrian is the starter of a powerhouse team.

Why rock the boat ? Did Santos play any more games by going to Winnipeg ?

Not that it matters, but wasn't it only 2.5 games?

The half that AC was injured, the following game and the final game of the season

i mean i hope that we keep him he is under contract for 2 more years but im sure he is looking around the league seeing the other teams knowing he should be starting somewhere