Adrian McPherson Spotting?

Don't mean to "Adrian" on anyone's parade. But has anyone spotted McPherson since the end of the game?
I didn't see him once in the elaborate post-game madness. He wasn't up on the podium at the parade today, being introduced just before Avon Cobourne. What gives?
Maybe those last few minutes of AC magic meant the last minutes of McPherson's career as an Alouette. It would be a crying shame (and a BIG mistake) to see him go.
Anyone have the scoop?

Mentioned this in another thread but I believe I saw him at the Bell Center when the Habs honored the Alouettes.

Of the 64 Als players(Active,Injured and Practice roster), 54 were introduced yesterday.

Not introduced or absent were:
Diamond Ferri
Chris Leak
Jermaine McElveen
Adrian McPherson
Larry Taylor
Andrew Hawkins
Chad Owens
Riall Johnson-the only non-import not present-
John Mehring
Marco Thomas

Surprised that Ferri,Leak,McPherson,McElveen and Taylor were not present.



I just checked the RDS video from the Bell centre and McPherson is there...You can see him on he left at the 1:36 mark. Chris Leak is there as well.

I cant imagine any player missing the parade out of spite or displeasure with the team.....Its something they earned and deserved. They must have not been able to attend for personal reasons

That's what I'm thinking , they may have been unable to move flights or things like that...Someone asked AMc if he was going to ask for a trade and he said no. He wants to be back.

I hope so....and who would not want to learn from one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game?

They said on TSN AMc was absent from the parade due to "personal reasons" and had to return home to Florida. They were speculating about him being unhappy and seeking a trade :?

Madoff was a speculator too.

Thanks for the confirmation. At least I know I'm not going crazy. :lol:

I am sorry if this sounds selfish or snobbish.

If flight is the issue, I would forfeit my ticket (assuming it is non-refundable, non-changeable) and book another one for a chance to be on the parade. Even if I only made around 30k, the minimum CFL salary. It is really a one-in-a-lifetime event for a player.

Of course, I can not say anything if there are any other issues occur.

rebooking a last minute ticket can be real $$$$$

I tried at for one ticket from Montreal to Sarasota, Fl for tomorrow (04 Dec.), it costs $255 with two stops and $578 with one stop. The fares are all-included.

Im surprised. every-time I look at last minute fares....the prices are ridiculous

If true, I know one team in desperate need for a quality QB, my Argos.

He has 2 years left on his contract

He was promoted this year from #3 to #2

He's played the equivalent of 3.5 Games this year. Likely will play more next year.

He has stated that he is happy in Montreal. Has no reason to ask for a trade.

This is a non story, AC is going to be 38 when next season starts (June).

Agreed, but if Montreal was to consider trading him, who could the Argos offer off their roster that Montreal would be interested in?

Where the Als are a bit short it seems to me is in non-import receiving depth, and I can't see anyone on the Argos' roster in that category that would make me pull the trigger on trading MacPherson. . .

Even if they traded for dept at non-import receiver…They would then be short at Back up QB

The way Jim's been positiioning players since trestman has come aboard. I'm not even sure there is any plan to play a NI receiver after Cahoon hangs them up. In order to have a chance in the CFL you need more than One QB on your team. We saw it how for seven years the als couldn't win the big game and when AC would go down they were a below .500 football team. Leak is still a baby at 24 years old.

But I will play if the Als were to trade McPherson to Toronto. I would take no less than Pottinger and their two first round picks (They have 1st and 8th.)

If I am Jim Popp at the draft I'm looking at Cory Greenwood, Akeem Foster, Shomari Williams or one of the many good NCAA Defensive linesman. I'm a big Greenwood fan and the Als will need depth at the MLB position if they want to play Emry there. I've seen Foster play around 20 games and he is a bigger version of Jamal Richardson. Right now Als are drafting 7th. 14th, 15th.

Leak is very capable and with the situation in B.C. I'm sure we could snag one of the Lions's castoffs to act as a veteran backup.

You don't know that. Leak hasn't played, so you can't tell me he is very capable. You might think it and that's ok but you can't state that with authority.

As far as BC's quarterbacks. I wouldn't want any of them. Jackson may never play again. Pierce is a walking concussion, both making 200k (More than McPHerson presently). Printers well he skrewed the Als and Jim so forget it. Leaves Champion and Lulay both are smallish guys nowhere near McPherson's size and arm.

I don't see any need to trade Adrian, none. He is Antohony's heir and AC is year to year and his wife is a cancer survivor and she could need him at any time. Trading our QB of the future would be stupid. Jim isn't the kind of guy who build his teams trough trades anyway. Argos have next to nothing to offer and the draft this year is 30 to 40 deep in prospects and the Als have 5 picks in the top 30.