Adrian Mcpherson released

Senior you ok ?

Source? And how could he be "released" when he's set to become a free agent? If true, just confirmation of what we already know: Adrian is going to play somewhere else next season. I wish him the best of luck, except when he's playing Montreal. :wink:

I think he's just yanking Senior's chain, d&p

I remember Popp saying at the end of this past season that he was making good money for being a backup and that he would not be prepared or able to offer him more if that was what he was anticipating.
Combine that with the fact that he is more than likely looking for a chance to play now rather than wait another year...

like you said, best of luck.

I still remember a good talent when he was active in his early years. I hope McPherson does land on his feet and, despite being an avid AL fan, I would love to have McPherson, with the ESKS, visit Molson Stadium and be wildly successful in both his running and passing, giving out team a huge beating! I do wish him well in his desire for full time QB status.

Porter for one was released by hamilton although he was a free agent next month.

It is a classy thing to do if the player asks for it, or if you have decided you won't be trying to re-sign him before free agency.

Agreed, but he never seemed to have "settled/firm feet" when he did get in.

Wish him well.

[i]HOLY ****!!!!!

The King of Kensington, Senior ah me is going to go bat****!!!!! Nobody leave their homes, it ain't safe! Women and children first! Brace yourselves, it's a gonna get ugly![/i]

...Looks like the door is opening pretty wide in Wpg.for Reillys services :wink: IF all goes to plan...You have to add that caveat cuz you never know in this league :smiley:

Don't quote another fan site, please. There is no legit link on that forum to confirm the release.

Quelqu'un serait surpris?

Je crois qu'avec la venue de Porter, Adrian a demandé à Popp s'il aurait une autre offre. Si la réponse a été non, il a très bien pu demander à Popp de le libérer. Resterait la cuisine à faire avant de l'annoncer officiellement.

Exactement. Et sont les équipes et gestionnaires de qualité qui le font. En traitant un jouer d’un manière respectueux la regarde pur l’équipe entre les joueurs ailleurs monte.

Avec portier montrer, l'écriture est sur le mur. Did that come out ok. lol

Même si je crois avoir compris les mots, je ne comprends pas le sens. Comme quoi les expressions ne se traduisent pas parfaitement.

Rumor is released by Montreal and signed by Edmonton. Great move for edmonton as I always thought that he would be a great fit in Edmonton. The will now be able to officially gear there offense to use McPhersons legs and strong arm.

Same here and with a Cortez understudy running the offense in Edmonton. It is an ideal situation for him. Congratulations to him and thank you for being such a class act for five years. :thup:

Edmonton has just traded a conditional draft choice to B.C. for QB Mike Reilly. It will give them an exclusive 2 week window to sign him before the start of free agency.

if he is signed the Eskimos will not need McPherson.

I wouldn’t say that. I think Ed Hervey will bring in as much talent at the position as he can. Now Mack has to sign him or they will want his head.

Reilly has signed with Edmonton as a number 1 QB.

Adrian won't have too many options once free agency begins. Hamilton? Winnipeg? All possibilities but mainly as number 2,particularly in Hamilton. Could he remain in Montreal? Another option,although with the arrival of Porter,I don't believe in this option.