Adrian McPherson first Redblacks QB

With an 8 team league in 2013 there is really no team in search of a starting QB left for McPherson to sign with. With a lack of PT with the incrdible health of a 40 year old starter. He will spend this Spring as the starter for Tampa Bay of the Arena League. I would not be surprised to see the OSEG hire him as a scout in Florida to help supplement his income until he is able to officially sign a free agent contract with Ottawa on FEB 15, 2014

You should post it on the Renegade Nation site, see what Ottawa fans think.

JORDAN JEFFERSON, former LSU star QB, was also on the Alouttes as a practice roster QB has also singed to play in the Arena League in 2013. He was a true rookie in 2012 but like in his senior year at LSU in 2011 he was arrested in OCT 2012. Desjardins being the Ottawa GM and former Montreal assistant GM appears that he is lining up Jordan for a possible roster spot in a developmental QB at #4 and practice roster or possibily beating out someone for the #3 roster spot.
Since he was on the PR for Montreal and not the regular roster with his release from Montreal I do not know if that would make him a free agent or still need to be on a neg list. I imagine Montreal has dropped him from the neg list if he still needs to be on a neg list. So not quite sure if he is on another teams neg list. I will be willing to bet that if he indeed still is of neg list status and no one has him that Ottawa will add him to neg list when they are able to

In corresponding with a project coordinator from the Ottawa 67’s he told me indeed the the OSEG will be looking for all kinds of activities to fill dates for the refurbished Ottawa Civic Center that they feel that the Arena Football League is very popular in many North American Cities and could be a possibility for the OSEG, Ottawa, and the CIVIC Center.
An Arena team would surely bring alot of synergy with the CFL team as well as the 67’s who calls the CIVIC Center home.
An Ottawa NBL of Canada basketball franchise will be playing in the Civic center in 2014 but is not a part of the OSEG but does give the CIVIC center a Hockey and basketball Tenant. Adding an Arena Football team could work on many levels for the OSEG with a football front office and full scouting and marketing in place there would be no cost for a front office staff. There are also going to be a lot of part time seasonal coaches in Ottawa between the Gee Gees, Carleton, and three Junior football teams so finding a coach from the area would also be very streamlined.

The Civic Centre is the right size for Arena football, the attendance average in the AFL is 8 - 10k.

Arena Football might be a nice fit for Ottawa. they tried indoor lacrosse did not work there but is working in other cities. The only Canadian City to try Arena Football was Toronto and that was not happening.
Football is going to be a hott sport in Ottawa with the Ravens and the CFL team coming back. Much like the indoor lacrosse teams a roster with a lot of Canadian Players could be popular in Ottawa.

average attendance in the AFL this past season was 7,841 per game.

There are some teams that have great attendance under the new Brand and others not so good as the AFL is still trying to find the right combo of cities and number of teams for the the league. Ottawa could be one of the cities that would be a perfect fit in the perfect arena in the perfect location with the perfect ownership group.
I think that Winnipeg may be another good city for an Arena team. Large waiting list for Jets season tickets. They are attempting to get a Junior team there also but nothing wrong with taking a look at an arena Football team to fill dates in the MTS Centre. synergy model in place promoting all the team ins the NTS Centre together

I'd expect the initial 'starting' QB of the new Ottawa team will be Kevin Glenn.

Teams can only protect 1 QB and I think Huf is going to protect Tate, so providing KG is still with the stamps at that point he would be the best bet to have a proven QB in camp via the expansion draft, although I'd expect another QB will be draft but who is a good question. Glenn may end up backing up that other QB or that guy may spend a year or two behind KG but at least initially I'd expect the marketing of the team to be with Glenn a guy who has taken teams he's led to some playoff success, which is better then the Gades had.

Huge mistake glenn is a well known average QB who will be a year older and the Stamps will keep him on the roster in 2013 in hopes they choose him over a mch better QB in Bo Levi. I do no think that the RBs will be that stupid with so many potential prospects out there to battle for a job and not settle for mediocridy

I really hope Ottawa doesn't grab Bo Levi. He's got a hell of an arm, but he's a project years out of being a star, if he can make it.

Starting him would be throwing away the first season, at least offensively.

MCPherson off to a good start in the AFL even in a loss he was able to use his legs and short yardage skills in tying a team record in Tampa with 5 rushing TDs.

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How would you feel if they took him to be the backup for a couple of seasons behind a more experienced QB, along the lines of a Kevin Glenn? Maybe not Glenn in particular, since I doubt Calgary would lose 2 QBs, but someone to mentor him to achieve his potential.

Aside from Glenn the most experienced back up out there is Porter who the Als will probably protect and then McPherson who has taken to the Arena League to get some playing time in hopes that next season that not only will Ottawa need a starting QB but possibily Winnipeg and Maybe even Hamilton. Burris had a great year last season throwing for over 5,000 yards but he is getting to the point of 40 where he may begin to take it year by year Much like Calivilo.

No Argument Bo Levi is an interesting talent, but in Glenn you get a very up/down QB but one that has led 2 different teams to the grey cup game in the last 6 seasons, and while he is older he is 35(in the 2014 season), he could give Ottawa a good 5 seasons, more then enough time to develop the 2nd QB they can draft(they can only draft 2 QB's) or for Desjardin to find his own prospect and develop him.
Now personally if I'm the stamps, I take serious consideration to protecting Bo Levi if he keeps his progression going.

another option is for the stamps is to grab Bo Levi + Nichols(or Reilly if Nichols is the starter this year for the Eskies) and let them battle it out in TC, maybe grabbing Glenn to back-up should he hit FA(or Brink or Elliot if they do).

Bigger possibility of reward in the Bo Levi/Nichols combination, but good chance for that first year to be a disaster and I'm not sure Ottawa/Desjardin would want to take the risk of that happening.
Benefit of the Glenn plan, is if you grab him and ride him for one and a half season with Nichols as the back-up, if things start poorly in 2015 you turn to Nichols let him take over the second half and let him ride in as the saviour, after having 1.5 seasons to learn the offense and get ready to lead. If things are going good with Glenn then yay all is rosey in Ottawa.

Adrian McPherson has More CFL experience than any of these other QBs with the exception of Glenn. He has been the top back up in montreal from his first season until his final season in 2012. The only thing that he did was count on that somewhere along the line the last two seasons that Calivillo would miss some games and he would get some game time. He kknows the CFL better than anyone with the exception of Glenn but is younger and with less wear and tear. He needed to go to the Arena football leage to get the one thing he was missing and that was playing time and so far he is off to a great starteven by the high flying Arena football standards with 10 TS passes and 7 rushing TDs in 2 games. So much for the rust. Also about 600 yeards passing ing two games as well as as almost 100 yards rushing.
At this point he may be getting more interest then just Ottawa in 2014. even an outside chance that Winnipeg may just chuck out there whole QB situation and bring on Mcpherson in 2013 as they could possiblily even in a worse situation then last year. With Pierce unlikely to make it through a couple of games and aside from brink Goltz got his first pro snaps inscrub time last year and Hall and Clement have never been in the CFL.

Goltz got his first pro snaps in 2011 throwing the Play of the year TD pass to Denmark in Toronto :wink:

While I agree the Bombers QB situation is messy, McP is not the answer as a Bomber fan I'd rather play Brink or Goltz for 18 games then McPherson... Mind you as a Bomber fan I'd rather see Buck released/moved to a coach then to be wearing a jersey for the WBB.

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Hey i would go with that but I never have seen a team making it so hard to release a QB of pierce's age who has really been so unsuccessful over a three year period whatever the reason is. I just do not get what they are hanging on for. Last season had to be the final straw