Adrian McPherson-2013

This was to finally be Adrian's day. As a free agent next season, he was no doubt hoping to demonstrate to other teams in the CFL that he is ready to step into a starting role with one of them, and the GMs would, in turn, have the opportunity to evaluate a QB who has not started a game this season. Adrian flunked the test ! In the first quarter he passed and ran the team down field for 3 points and, led the team to a touchdown but, there after, he was not impressive. Adrian did demonstrate that he is a powerful runner but, other that a few screens and short passes I doubt his performance impressed the GMs and coaches of teams that are presently searching for QB material. In fairness to Adrian, one of the commentators described him as " trying to run a Calvillo offense ".

I believe the years warming the bench diminished his skills as he was not the quarterback that was so appealing in his first two years with the team. He did throw some screens and some short passes but, was not effective with long throws although Richardson did drop one pass that landed in his hands. After taking the snap and attempting to throw deeper, it appeared he was having a problem locating his receivers and, more often than not, those passing plays were turned into an Arian rush. We have to wonder where Adrian will play next year, as I'm certain those scouts might have doubts after today's game.

For the Als, Jennings is looking very good in both the run and receiving. I noticed that Matte and, other back up players received an opportunity to play. For the first time Whyte was able to push a couple of kick returners out of bounds and there were some good efforts on defense. I bet that Calvillo will be taking all the reps in preparing for the East final.

Adrian is definitely not the answer when Anthony retires. I do hope that Anthony plays for the next two years,at least.

I don't expect Adrian to be with the Als in 2013.


He's got a world of talent but I think he's a square peg in a round hole in Trestman's offense. I still think he could be very successful in an offense suited to his skills if he can curb his instinct to run after his first read.

It can be argued that beyond the athleticism....strong arm...accuracy and all the other skills
The one pre-requisite of a good quarterback
Is intelligence.

Intelligence is essential in understanding the playbook...
The ability to read defences and make quick decisions
Can be arguably refered to as a form of intelligence
But every once in a while
One has to be smart enough
To know when one is being f*cked with

From sitting on a 10 point lead
To receivers (most notably Richardson) dropping crucial passes
Or not making ANY effort to block
Or even lift a finger to tackle the guy he just handed the ball over to

To kick returners running 15 yards

Horrible play calling
That has drives stalled
Time and again
By rushing headlong into the pile
On second down

To the offensive line
Suddenly doing their best impression
Of a pasta strainer

To restricting routes and open receivers
To plays that consistently fell short
Of any chance of a 1st down
(I kept asking myself,
"What's Richardson doing running a 5 yard route in this situation?")

After all the years of patient service
THIS is McPherson's reward
One chance to show he what he has
In an offence
As Matt Dunigan pointed out
Designed for someone else
And exactly contrary to the guy's skillset

And he falls victim to the Alouettes
Cynical attempt to tank his market value
And force him to continue to play "Tonto"
To Calvillo's Lone De-Ranger

So I have 2 pieces of advice

To the Bombers and Eskimos
And ANY other team thinking of acquiring this quarterback:
Watch the 1st quarter and basically ignore
the last 3 (invalid due to sabotage)
Despite numerous and crucial drops
McPherson was still 17 for 24 (65%)
And ran for 102 yards (Most of it on his own)

To Adrian Himself:
Do what you do do
And get your assets out of this city.
Take WHATEVER offer any other team will make

Trestman, Popp and the powers that be
On this team
(and that includes the aformentioned maked revenger)
Do NOT have your best interests at heart
(And after losing Taylor, Owens, Hawkins and others...obviously don't have anyone's best interest at heart)

They plan to sit you on the bench
For the rest of what should have been
And still could be
A glorious career.

I don't know if all or some of the partys involved
Are fulfilling a directive
From WAY on high:
To NEVER allow you to make it
Because of rumours of gambling
Your audacious law suit
And a lack of un-pigmented "get out of jail" cards
Needless to say
We'll never know

But it's time to wise up
Use that noodle
And make sure these people
And this team
Have used you for the last time.

(I hope)
Get out of here
And I look forward to seeing you
Tear this league apart
Even if it is for another team.

Before the hens start clucking again
And I get accused of spreading
Or Creating
Conspiracy Theories or what-all

The dude was run over by a mascot
In a golf-cart
While he was making a comeback
After being accused of gambling on a game

He was 3-string
For the New Orleans Saints
Not out of the realm of possibility
Or crazy
To think he could have ended up starting
For the Saints
At some point .

And he gets run over by a mascot
In a golf-cart

I’m sorry
Reality may be stranger than fiction
The problem is
Who can tell the difference?

No theory is too weird
No paranoia too unjustified

After you’ve been run over
By a mascot
In a golf-cart

In a weird way
It's actually a testament to Adrian's talent
That some people are willing to write him off
After seeing him play once
In a meaningless game
At the end of the season

Most quarterbacks take at least a half-season or more
To get up to game speed
And into some kind of groove
If they make it in this league at all

Even Anthony Calvillo
Was almost booed out of Hamilton
Which in steeltown is a half step away
From tarring and feathering

But after throwing a total of 5 passes on the year
He's expected to come into Winnipeg
And beat the same team that
Beat Calvillo and the Alouettes
On Oct 8th
(AC was an anemic 21/39 ...54% in that game BTW
Of course...he did manage to run for 11 yds) a's a compliment to expect
McPherson to just step in off the bench and win
He's THAT talented
He's that good.

Go Adrian
No really...

His time has come and gone in Montreal he signed on to take over for Calivillo by next season but Calivillo is not going anywhere he is still to good and has a great O line to protect him.
Mcpherson will be out in the free agent Market with Edmonton as his most likley destination. Kavis Reed loves kerry joseph and the way he can use his legs to get things done and the offense is now evolved into that. Joseph however time has past and mcpherson will be 30 if not this year then when.
He just not not seem to fit into the Als offense but that does not mean that he will be the perfect fit in Edmonton. He is fast, strong, and has a great arm.
If not for the problems during his time at FLA st he may have been an NFL QB. Looking at some of the guys they have starting in the NFL are not your typical NFL QBs and after some highlight reel moments they become quickly not so good.

On dit bien que McPherson ne semble pas évoluer dans l'attaque des Alouettes, mais il faut aussi réaliser que cette attaque n'a pas été bâtie pour McPherson. Elle a passé toute la saison à s'entraîner pour réaliser des jeux conçus en fonction des qualités de Calvillo. Aussi, a-t-on réellement vu McPherson diriger une attaque conçue pour ses qualités à lui?

Il demeure une chose. Quelques soient ses qualités, si McPherson veut pouvoir réussir dans cette ligue, il devra nécessairement prouver qu'il peut passer le ballon avec précision, efficacité et constance. Sinon, le plan de match des défensives adverses devient simple : forcez McPherson à courir, et il devient plus facile à contenir.