adoption needed!!!???


as a fan of the eskies, not because of the losses ive dealt with that..but they way this City ( i live here) and the way the coach's treat Ricky Ray

this guy deserves soo much better then how we treat him....when Jason comes in the game we cheer basiacally telling our cornerstone player for the last 7 years..I go to every game and its dispicable the way the fans treat this guy.

sooo now i think ive become a blue bomber fan. this team is classless and this city and fans are classless

Richie learned his QB managing from his old boss ... Mr. Miller. If your QB struggles and isn't getting the job done -- try the next one.

That strategy doesn't work?!?

I wouldn't say all the fans are classless. I'm still defending Ricky Ray. It's not his fault management thinks our O-Line is the best in the league. We have a great QB, perhaps the best in the league... but it doesn't matter how good you are if you don't have the protection you need. Personally, after all the coaches catch a beating, all the O-Linemen should probably be sent packing. They haven't done anything for us in several years.

Alot of fans in my section did boo Ray several times, made me uncomfortable. Fans should save the boos for the Ref or BC, not our own team. I don't see whats so despicable about cheering Maas though, isn't it good to at least show confidence in your reliever? That said, it may cause Ricky to tell the coaches to stuff it next game and call some real plays. I think being cool and collected has its drawbacks, Maas get way more emotional, and perhaps that frightens the coaches into giving him more leeway to run the bigger plays.

how else do you let your team know that you're ticked off???

booing is part of the game when your team blows! that's a fans right to do so..

what's with this "don't boo your team, it's not right! no class.. " blah blah blah!

such preachy, christianity talk!

heck if my team was terrible, I'd boo them too! could give a rats butt what people think!

I think the coaches should be the ones dishing out the displeasure and making adjustments before the fans have any cause to boo. If the fans have to be the ones to let the team know it needs to shape up, I call it a coaching failure.


...firstly, cflisthebest, this has nothing to do with religion, seriously were your dropped on your head as a baby?...I'm beginning to wonder...

...secondly, booing is an integral part of the fan's repertoire (sp?) of emotional pay your dollars, you have every right to boo whomever you please...Burris has heard his fair share of boos in his own stadium for boneheaded plays hes pulled through the years, I don't think it shows a lack of respect for the guy, its just a reaction...I seriously doubt a pro athlete is hurt or bothered by it, they already know what they did was boo-worthy, the good ones go out next shift and make up for it..

...the only pros I've ever seen who were affected by it was Murphy and Jimenez in last year's western final...I prepared for days to boo them soundly, gargling with imported Italian spring water, warm towels wrapped around my neck during the night, exercising the pipes every day leading up to game day...when they took the field I stood up and let it rip....they were was the reason Murphy left BC to go to tarrana....He'll be worried tonight...

Would the last one off the bandwagon please turn off the lights !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come over to the dark side and be a Rider fan.. :slight_smile:.. I have said it before and I will say it again.. Edmontonians must have very sore knees from all the wagon jumping they do.. Eskimos and Oilers.. (I live in Edmonton)

riderfan i agree with you 100%%.....we treat our hreat players like crap. its sad to see...i will say if Jason Maas starts next game...GO RIDERS GO!!

During my years in Edmonton, the local fans' willingness to turn on a player (usually Oilers) bothered me. They'd run a guy out of town if he didn't live up to their (usually unreasonable) expectations (for instance, Tom Poti). And if a player left (even a fan favorite like Ryan Smyth) the fans would turn on him.

Not all Edmonton fans are like this, but there are too many of them for my comfort.

I didn't see all of the game out here in Halifax. Ricky Ray doesn't have many bad games, but he does have the occasional ineffective game. Booing because a player was bad is ok. But booing because he was ineffective is stupid.

I don't think cheering for the back-up QB is a slap in the face of the starter. AFAIK, Maas is a good guy and a real team player. I always liked him more than Ray... Ray is a better QB, but Maas is a pretty darn good QB in his own right. I'm sure there are a lot of other people besides me that like Maas more than Ray.

I attended my first football game 31 years ago, and I've been a Ticat/CFL fan for 28 years (hoo, boy, I never realized how long it's been until now). For 17 of those seasons, I've been a season ticket holder. I haven't missed a home game since 1994, and have attended several Ticat games in Toronto, two in Ottawa, and one in Edmonton.

As you know, I've put up with several good years, and A LOT OF CRAP during that time. I've done a lot of cheering, and a lot of booing, particularly when the Argos are in town (gotta find some other target now that Mike O'Shea is retired.)

I booed my team ONCE!

And that wasn't for losing. It wasn't for poor execution. It wasn't for bad coaching decisions. It was because they had committed the ultimate sin of a professional athlete: they had given up. They stopped trying, and worse, they stopped caring. You could see it in the way they walked and just went through the motions on every play. I'll suffer through the losses with my team if they're being outplayed or outcoached. But if they're just there to collect a paycheque, they will hear my anger.

Now, this was in 2003, and no other team in CFL history has ever lost as many games as that one did. If any team ever deserved to be booed, it was that one. But nothing less than that level of futility -- and more importantly, apathy -- had ever prompted me to cross that line before or since.

I don't think you should stop being a fan of the team, corneskers, because you don't like the way the other fans treat them. Your team needs loyal fans who will stick by them through tough times like they're having now. Would you stop loving your child because other kids pick on them?

It's ultimately everyone's decision whether they will boo their team, or whether they will change allegiances. No decision is right or wrong for everyone. But you really shouldn't let the decisions of others to boo dictate your decision to switch sides. Even those booing fans will continue to buy tickets, and the time will come when the Eskimos are a good team again, and those boos will turn to cheers. How will you feel when that happens, knowing that you had abandoned the team, not because of the team themselves but because of the fans?


if your a bomber fan, try to refrain from cheering for the devil.

I agree!

I'm not booing Ricky Ray when I boo, what I am booing is the coaching staff not knowing when it's time too make a change. Yes Ricky Ray is the best QB in the league when it comes passing the ball 15 yards or less but Ricky Ray does not know how to spread a defense how often does he go long almost never. And that's is what is upsetting he is a very 1 dimensional Quarterback, if you noticed Maas first pass was about 50 yards this passed game, Maas brings so much more to the table then Ray does. He brings the one thing that this team has been missing since he was the starter and that's emotion. if it wasn't for Maas we wouldn't have won the Grey cup in 2005 Hell we wouldn't have even been in the game.
I think it's time for Maas to get another shot at starting and it's also time for coach Hall to wake up and give McCarty the starting job back that Whitlock should never have had they should've eased him into it, Ritchie Hall needs to realize that when it comes to fans and media the Edmonton Eskimos are the Montreal Canadiens of the CFL. If you can't handle the heat get the hell out of Edmonton.
Edmonton Eskimos 4 life

Looks like Mo Lloyd agrees with you...

You'll have to forgive Maurice Lloyd if he's suffering from a bit of culture shock.

It's like he's been transported from a lively nightclub to a morgue.

He spent three seasons in Saskatchewan with its legendary rocket- or whatever-fuelled fans that energize Mosaic Field and get behind their team, win or lose.

Now, he's plying his trade in front of a mostly lifeless mob that spontaneous fun forgot. That's no big news to anybody who's spent any time here.

They have an excuse this year. It's not like Eskimos fans have had much to cheer about so far at Commonwealth this season.

But in Lloyd's mind, there is a point where a line is crossed and he had no hesitation when it comes to defending his quarterback and suggesting the fans should back off.

"When it comes to fans booing your quarterback, that's just a lack of character," said Lloyd....

The rest of the article is here

i would ratrher see the third stringer for edmonton... i think he could be a great canadian football league qb

To the people who keep claiming Ricky Ray can’t throw the deep ball. Hello!!! Does no one remember the start of last season when he kept throwing long bombs? Him and Tucker used to connect on those passes all the time. It’s not Ray. It’s the inept playcalling and the lack of a deep threat (like Tucker and Campbell). :roll: