Well, at least make sure the staff @ Bowmanville Zoo know that he's welcome back!

Flood 'em with THX!

Indeed. With all due respect to Maggie The Monkey, Robbie is the star mammal of the Bowmanville Zoo. A great sight!

Oski Wee Wee,

I really think he should be a regular at the games... the place went crazy when he came out... combined with the song "Eye of the tiger" that was one of the best intros we have ever done.

Bring Robbie back!

Check out the great photo of Jesse standing with Robbie at Ken Peters's blog, ...

Spot the tiger? LMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Totally agree, Crash. The Bengals used to do the same thing during the 80s with a live tiger mascot. Gives the manmade jungle a bit of a boost to get a glimpse at the real thing!

Oski Wee Wee,

On TV, he seemed to be enjoying himself!

He had a nice, wet nose and really seemed to like the warm weather and those "ArgoSnax" they were feeding him!

Next time, just put him on the GO Bus in Bowmanville... I think he'll find his way to Ivor Wynne! And nobody's gonna' ask him for a ticket!

what a cool stud that robbie is and he's 1-o this season.
cheers to robbie!

Would it be possible for the staff at the Bowmanville Zoo to train Robbie to run over to Mike O'Shea on Labour Day and piss on his foot?

Nice Kitty! Good Boy!

**** means Pee!

i got a new fav pet.

I was very impressed with the handling of Robbie and thought that while he was obviously feeling pretty warm (40 degrees at field level), he was very comfortable and calm.. and even didn't really want to leave the field.


The advantage of being a jungle cat is...well...heat works! LOL

I was impressed by what I saw of the handling of Robbie by the crew in charge of him during his visit.

The sight of a big cat prowling the dressing room was a blast. Good karma.

Oski Wee Wee,

from where i was sitting behind the big helmet in sec 22 i couldn't see which cat came out with robbie, can anyone tell me?

Emms : I must sit very close to you because I had the same problem . The first I saw him he had come out of the tunnel and helmet and was standing to the right of the helmet .

UB40 : Loved you comment about an encounter of Robbie and Mike O .