Adopt a Soldier?

I have an idea for Bob and fellow Ticats fans...

As many of you know I am leaving for the Canadian Military. There is also a guy on here named siqpig who is already in the Military. So we have at LEAST two in the Ticat family. I won't be seeing time "over there" for about 2 years because I have to do all my training first. BUT... I think that we should do something for the people that are ALREADY over there.

That has gotten me thinking.

I've seen some other sports teams do it and I was thinking that we can do it, too.

Lets adopt some Soldiers. Like a squad or something. Provide them with some jerseys, t-shirts, hats, DVD's of past games, signed pictures and letters from us wishing them safety and thanking them for what they're doing. We could also dedicate a section of our page to our "other" starting lineup.

Bob, would you be willing to head something like this up? I for one know that I'd put some money into the fund and provide a few letters of encouragment.

Lets get some feedback.

:thup: :thup:

I love it. I think it's a fantastic idea and if you can get it up and running, count me in for anything I can do to help.

We gotta get Bob and the Ticats approval and see what we/they can do.

See, I want to do this to show the Soldiers that we're thinking about them...

But it's also very good for the Ticats organization to get their name out there and show that they're proud Canadians and want to do whatever they can.

ps - Bring back those CF 18's!!!!!!!

This does not specifically answer your question but just for general infomation the game on October 26th is dedicate to the Canada's Armed Forces.

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Congratulations Rusty 25 and Sigpig for your very honourable work.

I love your idea, Rusty. Count me in for anything you or the team want to do.

Saying thank you to guys and gals in our armed forces just seems so inadequate.

Whether you believe in the cause they (we) are fighting for or not, they put their lives on the line for all of us.

Thank you rocky123. was one of the "links" to home I had while serving overseas back in 2004. I made a LOT of friends on this site. However, I wish to keep my career out of the forums - it makes me feel more comfortable being "just another fan".