Adnan Virk

I heard Micallef or someone else say that this is the guy filling in for him to do this weekend’s play-by-play on the radio broadcast…

anyone know this guy?..he’s from “the score” in Toronto apparantly

Maybe with how well Salavantis has gotten the o-line to perform Tim is the new head coach

I thought Andrew Grigg did play by play on Saturday on CHML.

Adnan is a friend of mine and a great guy Mikey. He usually does hoops on the Score. I don't know whether he can do play by play for football or not. However we have had many a conversation regarding the CFL. It will be fun for me to listen to him and be able to gear him after. If they win Saturday maybe he will have to stay on for the remainder!!

Duane Ford former fullback for the Stamps & Cats from the Score was in there as commentator.Good job .

Say what??!!

Oh Brother - this is all we need now!!

A 'great guy', who 'we don't know whether he can do play by play for football or not'.

Has the whole world gone mad??

I had to 'Google' his name, just to get some sort of idea of who he was/is. And I'm still not too sure.

Does THE SCORE have exclusive rights to the play by play for the radio broadcast or something??? Doesn't CHML have a say??? ..after all - it IS their station and their credibility that's at stake here isn't it?

Geez ... they (CHML) have a guy on staff, who we know can do a fabulous play by play for football. (witness 2005 Vanier Cup)

His name is Ted Michaels.

To me - it's almost beyond belief that he would not be taking over the play by play duties. It's border line insanity!

But maybe ... just maybe they DID offer it to him, and for whatever reason - he declined. That I don't know - but I would seriously doubt it though, as he seems to bleed Black & Gold.

Anyone have any further details on this? I've just returned from vacation on Sunday past, and am trying to play 'catch up'.

This one ... is just 'nutso' as far as I can determine.
(I think maybe I should have stayed away)