Admits Roughriders were in top two in football expenditures

Wow and I thought they were in the top three. Now this! :lol:

so you cant blame $$ for poor performance and get mad at the "rich" teams.

Tillman doesn't know what other teams have spent.

If that is the case why make his statment. He must know what each team has spent. Why would he release this to the public.
We are 2nd in spending but I do not know what otherrs have spent. Sort of sounds stupid to make yourstatment now does it not.

How would Tillman know what other teams have spent?

First of all, this is old news.
Hopson stated we were second in spending in the middle of the last season (2006).
But secondly, no...Tillman and Hopson do not absolutely know we were second as I doubt any of the teams have yet released their final balance sheets.
But with the cap in place, teams do need to approximate very closely the spending as they go so they aren't shocked by overspending at years end, so the approximations need to be relatively precise.
And teams will be aware of those spending levels by other clubs.
Third, even if we were second, the top 5 or 6 teams, maybe seven, all likely spent within a couple of hundred thou of each other, so all teams are well over the cap and in the same boat.
Fourth, the reason they are talking about it is because they are supposedly preparing us for the big stunning surprises as players are released if they don't take pay cuts.
Frankly, I think because the teams all took advantage of the "bonus" loophole, rather than stunning releases, we are seeing a small free agent pool, and relatively stable rosters.
Sure. A vet here or there is getting released, but no stunners yet.
Fifth, with rising revenues, particularly a large increase in the TV revenue next year (2008), the cap will undoubtably rise to 4.5+ million in a year or two, so all the whining by GMs like Tillman is short term as if they are paying attention, they can likely gamble that between signing bonuses and cap inreases, that 2008 contracts can be almost status quo to what they are now.

At the end of the day, enforcement and compliance longterm will be a lot bigger challenge for the league than just toeing the line in 2007 will be.

How anyone can determine how much any team is spending is beyond me. Given the nature of this league and it's innability to control itself, there must be all kinds of deals and perks being negotiated on the side (especially now that the salary cap will be enforced).
The owners make up rules, leave the boardroom and proceed to break them. Oh, but let's hire a commissioner. But, if he does something that one of us doesn't like, let's forward a motion to kick him out.
Don't get me wrong, I love the CFL (even more so than the NFL) but is it really possible to control everyone's spending even with a supposidly hard cap?

Crimson Fox - the CFL doesn't have a hard cap. It is a soft cap (a luxury tax, like MLB). The NFL is an example of a hard cap.

I hear the league hired a forensic investigator to search out all the side stuff.

You’re right rapidfire, I stand corrected…it is a soft cap :oops: . But honestly, can the CFL really afford to hire the people required to do that kind of work? In principle, I agree with the idea of a cap 100%. It’s just in the league’s ability to enforce it that gives me some doubt.

i suspect tilman is sayin the riders were in the top 2 in spending, because then he has an excuse for the team failing next season.

he can say: well i had to chop so much money from our roster, that there was no way we could be successful so fast.

My understanding is that the league has a budget of $200,000 to enforce it and that they've hired one guy. If other leagues can enforce a cap, why couldn't the CFL. I mean, the NFL is 4x the size of the CFL. Based on the same budget ratio, this would be $800,000 to enforce their cap. The $200,000 doesn't sound unreasonable.

I think you're right drummer god.

I think you are absolutely wrong dummer. Most Rider fans have known that we were one of the top spenders the last two years.
Tillman only answers questions. This wasn't a press release, this was Vanstone asking questions and writing an article about this simply because he has nothing else to right about.
There is no way Tillman is making excuses for next year.

Billy Soup - Tillman doesn't know how much the other teams spent last year. He has no clue. For him, or Hopson, to say they are in the top two in spending, they would have to know how much other teams are spending.

Which they don't.

Which is why I agree with drummer when he says Tillman is giving himself a built in excuse if the Riders have a poor season in 2007.

haha. how on earth do you know that Tillman doesn't know what the others have spent. Having personally heard Hopson talk about this, it was obvious that he knew basically what each team pays their players. Do you honestly think that at those General meetings where they discussed and made the salary cap, you don't think a very close estimate for each team was given. Just because the press doesn't know doesn't mean the other teams don't. You must remember that a lot of these guys have been on multiple teams and have close friends on most teams. I would guess that every team knows what most if not all of the other teams are paying

But beside all of that. How on earth is that an excuse for next year. Tillman was hired with the knowledge that he would have to cut a lot of fat. That was of course disclosed to him. He came in here with his eyes wide open, and from the start they talked about this. There is no way that this will be used as an excuse by Tillman or the team. For some stupid fans it might be used, but they are stupid and you can just ignore them.

Just for the record, a forensic accountant costs anywhere between $300 - 400 per hour, and why on earth is anyone surprised that the Riders spent so much.......I said it before, the soft cap should be around $6M......

Billy I agree with you. How can you setup a cap without knowing where everybody is at. This is comical. As far as excuses I do not think he needs to make excuses. The fact there is a new coach and manager changes will happen. Therefore you can expect a few problems. These guys know the costs of each team otherwise you could not set the SMS up.

You're right pigseye - forensic accountants are expensive.

redwhite/billy soup - the cap in 2006 was $3.8 million. Just because it was $3.8 million doesn't necessarily mean that teams were paying $3.8 million. Tillman and Hopson only know what they spent (based on what Tillman is saying, it's $4.7). So, if the RR were admittedly $900,000 over the 2006 number, how can we use what the cap number is set at ($3.8 million) to gauge what teams spent last year? Once again, Tillman and Hopson only know what they spent. How do they know if Winnipeg was $1,000,000 over, or Montreal $200,000 under, or Calgary $500,000 over, for example. They don't.

The cap, like other leagues, is setup as a percentage of league revenues. That is how they get to the number.

I agree fully with Billy, just because the fans are not privy to salary information doesn't mean someone in the position of Tillman or Hopson doesn't have access to this.

Also I do not think Tillman is using that as an excuse for next year, I just believe he is keeping the fans informed so the fans understand the moves Tillman has to make to abide by the salary cap and that the Riders intend to follow the salary cap system.

No i don't think you are correct on that. You ask how they know, well its easy, they have all told each other. And since this is something I know to be true, I will stop arguing about it with you.