Admin and Moderator roles

A note regarding Admin and Moderator roles

when the admin role was assigned to me not long ago, i ceased doing user moderator duties and have since separated the admin and moderator roles as policy. while some of our general duties will crossover, i am no longer involved in processing flags, moderating user posts, or disciplinary activities regarding users.

moreover i am not the boss of the moderators. i am strictly responsible for the forum settings and configurations, user support, and providing moderators with the means to do their own tasks effectively. the forum admin works with the moderators as a team to manage the forum.

i have and will continue to remove most irrelevant posts from the Forum News, Feedback and Housekeeping category (this one), so it is easier for users to find information. the exception of course being spam or extreme content, which i will continue to monitor for across the whole forum.

i will also continue to do regular forum maintenance as before, like moving topics and posts, or renaming / reorganizing threads.

thus, if you have any questions about or need to discuss acceptable content, comment flagging, or user conduct, please contact one of the moderators. if you have queries regarding the user interface, settings or how to use the forum, technical or site admin, best to leave a topic in the Help desk category or contact me.


It takes up a lot of your time and is much appreciated what you do by most of us


Thank you for the clarification.

so when you write that you have been morning drinking , that you are day drunk that you are now going to have a big joint are you posting that as an admin or a mod?

sounds like she's posting as a Canadian.


As long as she is not driving what does it matter?


i doesnt matter if you don't care if impaired staff are looking after after the forum and making judgments on poters. Explains a lot actually,

have you seen the state of the people commenting? physically impaired, mentally impaired, we have them all here.


If you did more reading (as in the first gd sentence of the first post) you’d see she doesn’t moderate the forum anymore…


People just like to create problems that are not really a problem .. I have noticed an improvement in the forum's since she became a mod... Especially in the areas where she now has an anode here


i am always impaired, dysfunctional and opinionated. there is no getting around it.

it is a good thing i am not being judged for the work i have been doing on the forum and behind the scenes.


She just said she isn't doing any mod work, so no judgements on poters or posters.


Can you define "extreme content"?

I don’t see where that term was used. Did you mean something else, like “acceptable content”?

That is defined in the site Code of Conduct.

She says she's going to be monitoring for "extreme content" in her post.

Yesterday a thread was shut down for "borderline hate speech" (whatever that means) and just want to make sure we are speaking the same language.

GridironGirl Wrote:

"the exception of course being spam or extreme content, which i will continue to monitor for across the whole forum."

Ah I see where you mean.

Given how and where it is used my guess is it relates to spam like content. A lot of that appears on the site or tries to but is mostly caught automatically by the system. Someone often still has to manually perform admin functions to delete it after the system brings it to our attention.

I’ll let GGirl clarify if I am wrong.


Thank you, Jon, for taking the time to respond

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yes i'm referring to stuff that is obviously not appropriate like porn or advertising or clickbait spam. occasionally we get weird stuff that gets through.


Thanks for the clarification.

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That is a terrfic response.