Adjustments needed to All Star positions.

In looking at last seasons all star selections the LB position was lumped all in one category. In both the East and the West all 3 LB selections were MLBs. This truly does not represent all of the LB positions as they are all truly different positions.
So next season I would hope this adjustment can be made so that truly all LB positions are represented. Tryone Brackenridge definitely should have been on the All Star team representing the SAM or Strong LB position while the weak side LBs often go unnoticed in the CFL and having that position on the ballot would bring to light some great yet overlooked players.
Also I think it is time to represent the special teams Units with at least one special teams player being selected. Having a Return Specialist and a Coverage player. This would also draw a lot of well deserved attention on some Canadian players who mostly fill the special teams. Teams often use the Draft to find a player that hey suspect will be a great special teams player thats how important that is. There are a group of players that do this for their careers and basically are like starters and should be recognized as such by being the best. There are so many great special teams players on each team that i would go as far to say that at least 2 or even three should be recognized.
We may also be entering an era where a FB/TE may have to be added to the team. Patrick Loavoi, Rob Cote certainly contributed to their teams offenses in All star Fashion out of these position. Even Hamiton's Darlyl Stephanson who has rarely been used on offense as a weapon throughout his career switched to FB/TE towards the end of the season unseating Darcy Brown on the depth chart. and made some offensive contributions that new HC Austin may use a lot more this year.
Former Hec winner Bill Greene is also making the move to the FB/TE to land a spot in a CFL camp would have these types of skills.

As soon as I seen that Getzlaf was an "Allstar" I immediately filed these awards in the junk file.

Couldn't agree with you more, steve. The skill sets required in the middle, at SAM, and at WILL, are just so very different. . .

Agreed with both of you. Vastly different positions despite all sharing the "linebacker" tag...


As for Getz being a western All star the pickings were a little thin in the West only 3 receivers in the west were over 1,000 yards. Out of the top 15 receivers 10 were from the East Getz was 11th And McDaniel from calgary was 15th. As crazy as it may seem he made it by default. If Simon would have been healthy he most likely would have hit the 1,000 yard mark and All Star status. Romby Bryant also had a pretty down year.

Especially the modern era SAM LB having to be a cover guy and a run stopper. With most of the Cover DBs being imports its a position that really does not exist in the US game. So I gotta really give those guys who play that position and play it well a lot of credit and certainly should be recognized as All Stars.

What are everyones thoughts on expanding the special teams All star spots. one for a return specialist and at least one for a cover teams player. Teams will often use a fairly high draft pick with the though that if he can become a starter on offense or Defense that would be Great but if he turns out to be a great special teams player that is just fine with specials playing a much Bigger role in the CFL than any other top level football league.
A player like Sam Hurl gains a rock star status as people love a great special teams hit. It also will help to recognize even more Canadian players as they are the ones who make up a bulk of these spots that are reserved on a roster for special teams players as there main position.

Not a bad idea at all.

Plus, nobody came close to his DPG average

Ohhhh snap!

If the SAM and WIL LBs were on the ballot this season who would everyone have voted for for the east and west

Also one Special teams coverage player

And even stretch it to FB/TE



In this case both Munoz and JJ did not get credit for what they did.

( In picking the special teams guys I did not go automatically with the guys with the highest stats but players who led top Units like Hurl in SASK. Also for special teams units that turned it around after rough starts so Matt Black in Toronto.