Adjusting To Back-up QBs

Not sure how many are watching the NFL game tonight.
But I hope CFL coaches are.
The ability of Bill Belichek to COMPLETELY adjust his game plan to adjust to the skill set of his 3rd string rookie QB is amazing. In a short week too. And totally adjusting his defensive plan as well. The rookie QB stats look bad but he's very effective.
So many times in the CFL we see no adjustments in game planning or play calling to help a young QB manage the game. Just roll out the same plan.
This is like watching a clinic.

Agreed, he basically implemented a college type offence for the kid and Houston has no answer !

Yeah and he's changed his defense and special teams too. Kept all facets off guard.
The CFL coaching is good but this is a whole other level. It's like we develop a play book in June, every team runs the same thing. But this shows what a team can do if they are creative and if everyone buys in.

I think the big difference is, the NFL has four preseason games and 3 QB'S get significant playing time . The coaches know what they have and the QB'S feel comfortable behind centre. Two reason games is not enough and it's painfully obvious in the first few weeks of the season. e.g... The Bombers made the Al's look like Bo Levi and the Stamps in week 1 :roll: :roll:

Lots of NFL teams still look like crap after four exhibition/pre-season games. I suspect Belichick would find a way to make it work with ONE exhibition/pre-season game. He was a flop his first time around but he learned from it and has become one of the greatest HC of all time, if not outright the best. He not only became a great coach but a brilliant recruiter. Which is what allows him to use, as you say, one of his greatest strengths ... adaptability, without sacrificing core concepts.

I think that the biggest difference is that the NFL is not a part time job and they have a real work week. How effective would you be doing your job 16 hours a week?

None the less, amazing that they could implement an entire new offense so effectively in under one week.


None the less, amazing that they could implement an entire new offense so effectively in under one week.
Belichick is one of the all-time greats.