Adios My Fellow CFL'ers

It was nice knowing you all. :cry:

No team here? No fan here! Can't help it. I can't cheer for another team, or a hometeam that will play all it's games on the road. Now that's bush. :frowning:

Start picking at the carcass.

Ottawa not dead yet mate!

I’ll be seeing you in 2007, alright?

take care untill then.

I'll pick it up and drop it off at the mayors office when I get a chance supersmith.

Supersmith, I believe all of us regular posters are first and foremost CFL football fans. You can't let your passion for our pro sport die. It won't. You have the right to be sad, in pain or angry about the current situation. But leaving your sport won't help it.

See you soon.

People like Supersmith are the real victims...A guy who just wants to take his kid to see some good, family entertainment. I don't know what i'd do if my team left so I feel for you buddy. it goes without saying that your more than welcome to stay in the CFL famiy Ottawa franchise or not.

If there were more people like you Supersmith, Ottawa wouldn't have a problem

Cmon me, at this point, it seems most likely that they would do the 18 road games thing - and if it comes to that, I'm ok with it. I dont like it, but they'd be doing it for a reason - meaning taking the proper time to find the proper owner, so we have a strong franchise here for the next 30 years and more.

And hey - after the 18 road games, when we finish in 2nd place, maybe they'll have the home playoff game at Frank Clair.... :shock:

.......I feel badly about this situation too, and appreciate that supersmith is the first poster in a long time to not try to lay blame or fault, just call it as it is......for that buddy my heart goes out to you......hopefully a miracle is pulled out of a hat here in the next few days......if not, I wish for you to get over the frustration and hurt quickly and pick a team to support remotely......there are lots of fans that don't have teams in their hometown that love the league all the same......that sounds preachy so I'll stop.....

....I would echo Sportsmens sentiments....that if all Rens. fans were as genuine as supersmith....there would be a very successful franchise in Ottawa....I hope you reconsider dropping out of sight super....the league needs fans like you....but I also understand the horrible situation you're faced with....When the Bombers almost folded I had envisioned exactly what you are facing now...and thankfully it did not happen to my club....Hopefully something will turn this thing around at the last minute for you guy...and that your team remains intact...and you .... most importantly remain a fan...cuz you're a good one.. :!:

Smitty don't give up the ghost yet, it's not over and the fat lady has not started yet, although warming up in the wings.
My CFL includes the Gades.

so does mine adn everyone else's CFL, even Dgods

I feel bad for you supersmith. Hopefully this situation will get straightened out so that hardcore ottawa fans like you can continue to support your team and the love of the cfl.

Just stopped in to see if any other Gades fan is feeling the REALIZATION that our team is now officially dead.........again.

But of course I had to check in to see if there were any responses to my last post.
Actually, I was cringing as I was about to open it. Thought I was going to get mauled.
But your responses have brought tears to my eyes.

I can't imagine going through losing our team for a third time, so I'm actually kind of hoping there will be no White Knight to save our team. Although as I write this, I'm really hoping there will be, for my kid's and all future Ottawa kids' sake. This is hard.
I know the hurt there must be in Winnipeg (the Jets), Quebec (The Nordiques), and Montreal (the Al's the first time, and my Expos), but you can't imagine the pain and frustration of knowing that I actually gave the Gliebermen the benefit of the doubt this trime around. From day one my wife told me it would be the same thing all over again.
A woman's intuition; more truth to that than we know.
I don't know if I can trust any future owner from now on.