Adios Fantuz

Signed with the Bears.

Sad day, it's a loss for the CFL. . .

Will be missed for sure. My regards to Andy Fantuz in his future with the Chicago Bears.

Opens up another Canadian spot for a guy to show his stuff. But all the best to him in the NFL. :thup:


Hopefully he cracks the roster and becomes a 'name' player in time. Does nothing but validate the quality of talent in the CFL.

If he comes back in the fall, well, we get an entertaining career CFLer and there's nothing wrong with that..

And it proves my point that Canadian players can make it on their own. We don't need the Canadian content rule -

I wonder if the Riders will be looking even more closely at Bauman (and vice versa).

Their new HC should have an educated opinion on his potential. If SSK signed Bauman I'd say that has Marshall saying "I saw something those other coaches I worked beside didn't see.

He goes from one class organization:

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to another:

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I can't recall ever seeing both the CFL team, losing a player, and the NFL team signing that player both putting it up as the number one item on their sites, the day of the happening. Most often, the CFL team just quietly deletes the name from the roster and the NFl team treats the signing as next to nothing.

As Detroit Lions Fan Don't this any more then when he was a Green Rider
Wait till Suh get has Paws on Andy


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"It'll be a big difference and a big change for me," Fantuz said. "It's going to be a faster game. It's going to be different. But being a football player, I'm excited for that challenge and I think I'll relish it.

Fantuz says, "It's going to be a faster game"



He's not there yet ask The Lummer, but good luck. :thup:

I think so!! just wait until he has to shake off an NFL DB, these guys are FAST. He also doesn't have to deal with Canadians at the safety postion.

Ask Ricky Williams, he said he'd need to shed pounds to play the CFL game because you have quicker guys, smaller. Pure flat out speed is different than quickness and the bigger you are and taller, the less quickness in a 5 yard zone. A guy like a Charles Roberts would make many NFL backs spin their heads watching what he could do in a small area, NFL backs just couldn't do that as a rule because they are too big and bulky. Pure speed from the safety position, yes, NFL has that, Fantuz won't be burning guys deep like he could on a larger wider CFL field with some safeties that aren't of NFL speed, that I'll agree with. That's what I like about the extra receiver in the CFL on a wider field, opens up a different game. But I do like the NFL game as well, different. I just don't like the NFL with 4 downs, a team holds possesion of the ball for 5 minutes or so but moves the ball just some 20-30 yards. I like 3 downs better, you don't move it, you have to kick or try on 3rd. I like the ball being turned over more often because you couldn't get the job done. Makes more sense to me.

You can almost hear Glen Suitor crying from here.

LMAO!! Too true.

And Cahoon’s retirement means the end of Rod Black’s bro-mance aswell.

Broken hearts at TSN.

Hey, I respect Black or anyone for appreciating someone's skill set like Ben Cahoon. :thup: