Adios Eskimos

Looks like the Eskies have bit the dust probably for the last time in 2010. I'm gonna miss those guys and their cracker jack qb Frito Lay.
Buy a clue - Ricky Ray might be a turkey.

4 turnovers = no win
It really hurts me to see Deadmonton miss the playoffs 2 years in a row after being in them for 33 years in a row. Really. Totally no sarcasm. None.

It is true the Eskies are one step closer to elimination. However, we'll see what kind of joy Thanksgiving Monday brings at Canad Inns Stadium when Winnipeg meets the B.C. Lion's. Lulay vs Brink :wink: until then................. :expressionless:

backer - didn't you hear the news? The beast must feast!

I thank for that. Enjoy your Thanksgiving day.

Backer while we have you - do you approve of Eric Tillman? I'm surprised he is allowed in the league in any capacity and would have a problen with him representing the Lions.

Well I'm able to forgive him (I leave it at that :expressionless: ) so thus I'm glad to have him as GM of the Eskimo's for business of Football Operations. Other than that, I look forward and will focus on what he is going to bring to the table; what the team is going to look like in 2011. I think what Vick done was worse and I didn't think twice on forgiving him after he served his time.

ok. Have a good Thanksgiving yourself.