Adidas leaving CFL after this season
Found this on twitter. Hopefully this isn't going to be the case every few years...

Dear, whoever does next year’s Ticat uniforms: white sleeves on the black home jersey, please.

Their stuff was awful. Basically Rebranded Reebok they purchased. If the league is Smart they won't give the next uniform sponsor an exclusive on apparels.

Never found a pair of pants to fit Nik Lewis anyway

Too bad. I preferred the Adidas stuff over Reebok. Thought they were quality plus Adidas is really picking up market share in the younger generation.

Good, Nike and Under Amour have much better designs.

Them's the breaks, I'll admit, I preferred the Reebok stuff over the Adidas stuff. That said though, most of the Adidas stuff has that god awful Grey Blob logo on it which I simply won't wear.

I don't mind the Adidas or the Reebok. I will sometimes still bring out my older Avon Cobourne jersey to games or the 3rd jerseys we came ouf with a few years ago before we switched. I would think Nike is next up that or UA not really many other options out there

  1. Glad to hear Adidas will be gone. I know that Reebok is owned by Adidas, but I have been
    buying TiCat apparel for years, such as Coaches Shirts and t-shirts, and there is no comparison
    between Reebok and Adidas products. Reebok was by far the best made product, better fit and
    much more durable over the years !!

The Adidas shirts this year are cheap looking and terrible fitting !! Terrible thin, cheap collars
on them. :frowning:

Same with the Adidas NHL products, Crap !! >:(