Adidas buys Reebok

Any thoughts on that business move? Could that spell trouble for the CFL?

Of course, the trademark Reebok will still exist, but nothing grantees that the German-based Adidas will see the CFL sponsorship as important as Reebok executives did.

Anybody knows how long the current partnership deal was agreed for?

Don't know but I'm afraid Adidas will drop the CFL seeing it as unimportant and try to go to the NFL or even NFL Europe considering that they originate in Germany.

Its not a question of whether or not it is important. It is a question as to how many potential customers will see their adds.
Based on the numbers posted under the thread of Great TV Numbers, I think we have nothing to worry about

If the stuff is selling? will stay.............REEBOK, had the same deal with the NFL and the NBA any way.

ADIDIS has sponsor the CFL, the leaner days.

Why mess with making , money..........and I have seen allot more people wharing the new TORONTO , ones............

I maybe mistaken, but a few years back, Adidas was the official shoe sponsor of the CFL weren't they? That's why I bought their shoes.

Same here… :lol:

Thanks hellothere. Re-reading that (the part about buying the shoes), I was hoping it didn't sound as lame as it felt. I'm such a slave to the corporate logo! lol

i dont think this will mean a whole lot...maybe a different symbol in commercials and on equipment, but nothig big

No, you probably wanted to support the CFL…

I remember buying FOSTERS beer…at one time… :lol:

Adidas is maintaining the Reebok brand and head office so nothing will change until if and when the marriage doesn’t yield the results Adidas hopes for (which some analysts think is a probability) at least until the sponsorship contract runs out. Since when has the CFL had a really long-term sponsor anyway? Somebody else will jump in if needed as long as the CFL has good and growing TV ratings.

as long as current commisinor stays on for a long time, this league will continue to grow.
attendance has grown, ratings have increased, more sponsors, nicer jerseys, and soon enough.....a team in HALIFAX!!!