Adeleke re-signed


didn’t know he was still 24 years old.


Good news, especially the extension. Can see Adeleke as possibly transitioning into a replacement for Simoni Lawrence or Rico Murray down the road.

YES !!! GREATTTT NEWWWS !!! I just updated my last post in the FA’s thread to reflect this latest signing . 8)Keep them coming Shawn & Drew !!! :slight_smile:

And now it’s time for a …

Solid signing. I like him at safety

Great news. The Defensive Backfield was one of the strongest we’ve had in decades and Adeleke is a huge part of that. :slight_smile:

The good news just keeps on coming ! Adeleke and Daly are not only a solid safety tandem but they

also are very good special teamers. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (happy as a toad)

I really like them both! Adeleke likes being here too. Anyone know the proper pronunciation of his name?

My vote for pronunciation is (not sure though)

Add a leaky

From the TiCats’ pronunciation guide, which is included in the Supplemental Media Information package published for each game: “uh-DELL-ihk-AY, tun-DAE”

I like mine better! :slight_smile: :wink:

No question, I’d have put the “em-PHAS-is” on wrong “syl-LA-ble,” too, but in another way, Grover. And, I’d have been wrong on both his first and last names.

I’m really ;Dthathe’s signed on for 2 more seasons. I’d pegged him, on our list of pending free agents, as perhaps one of the players, Coach O mentioned, without naming, in a recent interview, who have said they plan to explore options, come Feb. 11th.

Another solid player re-signed. Lots of speed, versatility plus being a national would have commanded some big bucks on the free market. Can backup at cb, SAM lb and return kicks. Great to have guys like him and Rico (if he signs) in case the refs kick two of our defensive backs out of the same game again.

Defensive backfield is looking good with three starters now locked in (Breaux, Brooks, Adeleke).

If even one of Williams, Rolle or Leonard re-sign, that means we just need to fill one more starting role with a new recruit. If two of them sign we have all our starters!

There are a few names that apparently different than I’ve heard used.

Laurent, Ted: LOHR-awnt
Masoli, Jeremiah: MASS-oh-lee

(Simoni used to appear as SIM-o-nee. Not there anymore, though.)

Great news. He is a great athlete and maybe the best safety in the CFL.
I had him ranked as our 3rd most important remaining free agent signing behind Davis and Wynn.
He was not replaceable much like Davis and Wynn.

The big signing we need to get done is J’Gared Davis…i say overpay for him if we have to.
We should have extra money with Lirum , Addison gone and possibly Rico ,Tasker, Mike Jones, and Tuggle moving on plus the Tracy and Westerman contracts expiring.

Coach O mentioned a few Ticats told him they are going to test Free Agency.
It’s likely Davis and Wynn and maybe Rycker and Rico.
I would think Tasker, Rico and Rycker would be very comfortable in Hamilton.
I don’t think the stamps have the money to outbid us on Davis as they spent 700 k on Bo Levi and they have Cordero Law as their rush end.

We are very fortunate that we have in house cheap replacements for some of these potential free agent stars all on their 2knd year of their entry contract.

Jalin Saunders and Marcus Tucker as replacements for Addison and possibly Tasker

David Dean as potential replacement for Wynn.

Lorenzo Mauldin as replacement for J’Gared Davis.

Chris Frey as replacement for Justin Tuggle.

Tevin Mitchell or Beverette as replacement for Rico Murray.

Tate as replacement for Rycker Mathews.

David Ungerer as replacement for Mike Jones .

No replacement for Lirium.

Should be interesting to see who we keep as our 3rd QB between Watford and Moore. My guess is Moore as he is under the entry level contract and will be cheaper and likely has a higher upside.

Should also be interesting to see what we do at the kicker position. Josh Bartel is a great free agent national punter who we should go after. In the upcoming draft place kicker JJ Molson is available but he is on the radar for the NFL draft and he is playing in the prestigeous East/ West Shrine bowl game so he will likely pursue all his NFL options before considering the CFL.
I would still draft him as our 2knd ( 8th overall) or 3rd ( 16th overall ). My guess is we’d need to pick him 8th to ensure we get him.
I think there are alot of good receivers in this draft so I would use one of the top 3 picks on a receiver and then go with an olineman or defensive tackle with our 5th pick.

I think we signed Howsare as insurance in case we can’t sign Davis. We’d go with Howsare and Mauldin at DE’s. Not my first choice but the we could spend more money for an mlb like Micah Awe and maybe a receiver like Derel Walker.
We need a new Middle Linebacker over Tuggle and Awe is perfect.

With Addison gone and with us using a national rb then we could easily go with all import receivers in Acklin, Banks, Derel Walker, and Marshal / Tucker.
There will always be injuries so it is good to have a good extra import receiver around.

We are in great shape now at DB with Breaux, Adeleke, Tevin Mitchell and Brooks signed. It would be nice to get Frankie and Rolle back and maybe even Leonard.

Our Oline is in good shape except at Center with the aging FA Filer. I suppose that Girard could replace hm if needed. I prefer to keep Rycker but Tate could replace him.

Our Dline is a bit of a mess as we really can’t afford to lose Davis since he provides excellent pass rush and is a monster tackler and great against the run. He is a beast and possibly the best all around DE in the CFL with only Jefferson being in his league.

Wynn is the best DT in the CFL especially since he provides a pass rush like a DE.

I just hope we don’t waste our money on Mike Jones and Tuggle

A few things that are for sure is that we have the best one two punch at QB in the league and the best coaching staff. The best national safety and best national OT and DT and OG.
The best import shutdown corner and the most dangerous offensive weapon in the CFL.

A few predictions:

  1. Tasker will sign for a home town discount after an injury plagued year.
  2. Mike Jones and Tuggle will not be signed
  3. We will sign FA punter Josh Bartel
  4. We will sign FA mlb Micah Awe
  5. Dylan Wynn will sign in the NFL.
    6.J’ Gared Davis will sign with June Jones in the XFL or in Calgary.
    7 We will resign Rico since we have enough money lying around.
    8 We will draft place kicker JJ Molson 8th overall in the 2020 CFL Draft
    9 Lirum will not stick in the NFL
    10 Masoli will win the starting QB job.
    11 Addison will not stick with the vikings but will be picked up by San Fran or Cleveland and bounce around.

Not trying to be negative but just going with my gut feelings.

Gerbear, I thought you said you were going to try and shorten your posts? ^^

This would have done fine

Great news. He is a great athlete and maybe the best safety in the CFL. I had him ranked as our 3rd most important remaining free agent signing behind Davis and Wynn.

Yeah I hear ya Grover…I guess you can’t change a Tiger’s stripes…badoom boom !

By the way in my long post I meant Jalin Marshall not Saunders…my bad…

from one extreme to the other ehh.

I found some other comments in that post interesting.

Yeah , you can’t change a tiger’s spots or is it a zebra’s spots ? ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old person)