Addressing this years "Western Conference Dominance" (cough)

Obviously if you choose to look at this year with “reading glasses? it is quite easy to say that the West is dominant. It is easy enough to say look at the records of the overall teams, and the West vs East records and say case closed. But lets look at this season under the microscope instead and see if there is perhaps more to it.

Clearly the best regular season team is Calgary and they have handled the East fairly easily. However they did lose to Montreal of all teams. They also almost lost to Ottawa two times. Calgary has also been healthy in the positions that can influence the game the most. JM, BLM have been healthy and in games for the most part all year. The one game JM was kicked out of ... they lost. BLM might have missed a game not sure there. Both Ottawa and Toronto have lost there starting QB for a few games and lost the vast majority of them. That of course speaks for the lack of depth at QB in the league and that can have a major factor in wins and loses. BC has had there share of QB injuries also so give them some credit for that but BC is now also a sub 500 team. BC also is one of the few teams with a backup QB that produced when called on. Edmonton has also had quite a few injuries so give them some credit there, but there QB has been playing all year (except for the concussion thing missing 3 key plays). That leads us to Hamilton which has been fine since removing ZC from the starting QB position. Clearly the coaches took to long to make that choice and that is on them, however we can at least theorize what if a little bit. Hamilton with a little luck could have beaten Edmonton twice and that was with ZC at QB. That then leads us into many other games where a little luck here and there would/could have changed the results (for which the West has been on the winning end far more times than the East). Ottawa for example could have beaten Calgary twice. Ottawa has also lost quite a few other games against the West of which one play here and there would have changed the game entirely.
Montreal could have beaten Winnipeg twice (absolutely should have beaten them once), and of course the Hamilton games already mentioned. Sure there are also games like Hamilton beating BC on a FG however the East has been on the wrong end of it far more than the West. Sask aside from losing to Montreal has been about the only team that can be said so far has shown consistent good play against the East but they have yet to play Ottawa (ideally with a healthly Harris).

Anydoo. I know people like to overreact by flashing standings half way through a season and assuming the worst without looking deeper into it. That said I will wait till the end of the season and see where things lie. If the GC has an Eastern team (aka crossover team does not end up in the GC) I will put my money on them. Maybe I lose maybe I dont.

(if I am wrong about BLM not missing a game no need to have a pissy fit over it. I simply do not remember him missing any)

The lower-tier teams in the West are starting to fade - Edmonton has lost 5 in a row and has a real fine chance to dump six.

One of the eastern mopes, Hamilton has now won 3 of their last 4 games under their new leader, G.I. Jones while Toronto is an ever-present threat with Rabbi Genius at the helm and Ricky Ray still upright. Only Montreal looks like a dumpster fire while in the west both BC & Edmonton have brush fires underway.

The real puzzles occur in Ottawa & Regina - Rider Towns.

Ottawa, the defender is really schizo - much of it defined by NO Hankenstein, no Trev Harris, no Drew Tate, just a bearded American hobo who according to Chris Walby "played with a white cane" last nite.

Regina is surging. Even with ageless Kevin down fora couple games. Brando Bridge is a decent replacement. Losing to Calgary is no shame. Best WRs in the league - and a defense that plays with reckless abandon.

Ottawa will get Tate back in a week or two, Harris will be back by playoffs if all goes well in his shoulder rehab.

Good team all round. They gave Winnipeg a good tug for at least a quarter last night before gassing out - their receivers refused to catch for Hobo Lindley and they couldn't take advantage of Wpg. when Nichols went into Bad Matt mode (for a very short time)

Unless one of Ottawa or Toronto loses out - Hamilton & Montreal should be odd teams out in the east.

Really appears BC will occupy the basement in West - so either Regina or Eskimo will occupy 3rd in W, other team will go to the crossover.

Biggest question is Ottawa - will they fade down the charts and let Hamilton pass them? BIG QUESTION? NO EASY ANSWER!

BC had their chance to bury the Ticats for good and remove all doubt. They couldn't. I expect significant changes in Vancouver next year. The only problem removing Wally is - remember what happened last time they did it. He's an old cud-chewing coot to be sure - but he can roster and play .500 football til the cows come home. Vancouver doesn't seem to care whether the Lions are a .500 team or a .900 team.