Additions to Game Day at THF

YES! I mentioned the same suggestion once before. But, haven’t seen hide nor hair of the pooches! There should still be enough of us who sit in our seats at Half-Time to cheer 'em on!

1.A Marching Band would definitely be a nice addition. I do know the Argos use the Burlington Teen Tour Band for every home game at BMO Field. Having a band would definitely be awesome.

  1. I wish the Cats had more halftime shows for their games. I thought the halftime show by Steven Lee Olsen earlier this season was very well done. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Teenage Head on Labour Day but I like the idea of having local groups doing the halftime show. I think by having young bands/artists from across the golden horseshoe it would help attract a young audience. Bands like the REKLAWS or the James Barker Band have worked out here in the passed, so by continuing that would be a cool idea.

  2. Lastly, the fan experience at THF is actually one of the best in the CFL. Having been to every CFL Stadium except for Calgary and Montreal, the Ticats have an awesome fan experience.

I agree with all 3. I mentioned this several years ago however fell on DEAF EARS. Big fan on the marching band aspect, tiger roar as well.

It’s called etiquette, and it is severely lacking these days. I have an aisle seat, so I was prepared to get up every time someone needs to get out. And I’m generally ok with that. But people make an active choice to get up out of their seat and walk in front of people just as the ball is snapped. Are they even watching the game? Then there are the people that come back and just as the play starts, they’re trying to cut through. Just wait until the whistle and I will gladly get out of the way. If they’re asking me to get up for their own convenience, then they can at least show some courtesy and stand in the aisle for 1 play.

It also seems like the same people do this over and over again. 4-5 times per half. Its all about common courtesy and respect for other people who are around you.

Well said RiX. All they have to do is wait for the little man in the red shirt, carrying the green and red flags, to run onto the field. You then know you have two minutes to clear the seating section. And it happens on every change of possession.

Unless it is an emergency bathroom break, common courtesy is to wait, and then take the shorter route down the row.

Some people are staying home because of the HD TV coverage of games and they get replays.

Give them one less excuse NOT to go the game and show replays.

Why spend big money on these video boards to show people jumping around? Put on the replays.

If it is a controversial call that doesn’t favour the Cats then they might not show it.

They might end up showing an angle of a play that the opposing bench will now decide to challenge.

Just found this on the CFL site.

“Video board operators are not permitted to show replays on the video board in the stadium while a review is in progress. A review begins when the coach throws his challenge flag and ends when the Referee announces the result.”
While the way I read it is they can’t show reviews that were challenged by a coach, it doesn’t say they can’t show all the other reviews brought on by the referees or by the command center.

One of the issues with the drum line was sitting in the same section or the next section over. It became a royal pain in the butt. Almost had to move my season tickets. They were always behind the visitors bench.

Drum lines are a great background sound for football . They had them one year in Ottawa and moved around the stadium .

Loved it .

They should show replays on challenged plays, once the video replay result has been announced.
But would like to see all replays regardless if they are in our favour or not.

Since dog fights are illegal, may be they can show a UFC fight at halftime.

I believe they’re allowed to show challenged plays while they’re being reviewed.

Maybe I said it wrong. But there are times when I am waiting at the top to return to my seat and wait for a whisle before proceeding down to my seat but I am 10 rows down and 10 seats across and clearly walking down the stairs and across is going to take longer than the break in play, even possession changes. I definitely won’t be waiting for a commecial break to return to my seat. Sure the people who get up and out of their seats DURING play to leave are real dinkuses but what I mean to say ultimately is its inevitable that some people will cross in front of you, no matter how careful they are. Its just part of the gameday experience, albeit a negative one. Its not unique to THF and football. It happens everywhere.

I hear you.
My season tickets are right next to a tunnel that leads to that Country bar behind section 112. All year, usually young fans , get up and get beers constantly and seem oblivious to the game and to how distracting they are. I am talking about that more then what you are describing.
No worries. I still go to the games.