Additions to Game Day at THF

The Pigskin Pete “thoughts” thread inspired me to comment on a few things missing from game day at THF that I personally feel add a lot to the overall vibe and experience that likely aren’t huge undertakings (or expensive, at all) for the team to put together:

  1. Marching Band. A few years ago they brought in a band that sometimes played in between plays. I dont recall them being at every game but when they were there my brother and I really enjoyed it. A nice change from always having music and added a college-football-type exciting vibe. Not sure if this was a community band or something the Ticats had put together but I would be a BIG proponent of having the band back for every game.

  2. End zone logo paint. For the life of me I cannot figure out why our giant, empty, green end zones are lacking a Ticats logo or a big HAMILTON painted on. I could be wrong but I don’t think this is a cost thing, I can’t see how it could be too expensive to paint and maintain something in there. The Riders, Bombers, and Eskimos do this well. Am I missing something here?

  3. Tiger Roar! Again, a couple years back they had a tiger roar that played in between plays/after a 1st down and unless I am just completely missing it, they stopped doing it. To be fair, it actually wasn’t a tiger roar. We used to laugh because I think the audio they chose was more of a mountain lion or a jaguar type thing. Get the right audio and bring back the tiger roar! Penn State does this well.

Discuss! What else do you want to see?

$7 beers

My sons were involved with the drum line that played in the stands a few years ago. Their treatment by Ticat staff was terrible. At the end the band was paying to perform

1-The $5 pre-game beers have been great!
2-The pre-game warm up on the field for season ticket holders is great.
3-The families on the field after the game is great!
4-The sing along Karaoke has been fun. On the last TSN “Wired” the Ticat players in the huddle could be heard singing Sweet Caroline as well.

Possible Improvements
1-The pre-game DJ is way too loud. My 11 year old kids had to leave their seats until he was finished.
2-Remind people on the video screen to wait until a play is over before getting up and/or returning to their seats.

I went to the game in Ottawa in August and our stadium atmosphere and entertainment is much better in my opinion. ( Our team is way better as well, so I know that helps)

Well that’s really disappointing to hear. Maybe Caretaker can remedy that???


Yes PLEASE!!!!

Yes yes yes.....even the controversial ones.

I was at that game as well and noticed that as well. The Cats are excellent overall when it comes to media.

I'd have liked to see more videos or other things to celebrate the 150th. We had a couple videos with historic clips early in the season but that seems to have dropped off.

The new Pigskin Pete is great, he makes it way to the top of the stadium where I am, and the old one never did.

I liked when they used to have fan competitions at half time a couple years ago, like races and skills not just silly pizza guessing. Or even minor football - most soccer and rugby games I go to have kids on at halftime.

#2 isn't always that easy to do. There is less than 1 minute between plays and much less usually so how do you get up from your seats up the aisle or back to your seat in that amount of time. 20 to 30 seconds just walking down 15 rows then you need to cut across 10 people who all need to stand to get to your seat. This complaining is the one thing that bothers me most. I am very aware about being careful of this but it seems like its impossible to not impede someones view at least once... Just deal with it

I really enjoyed that drum line. They were in the Northwest corner at Ivor Wynne. It kind of gave a college football vibe.

I remember when the Burlington Teen Tour band would come out at half-time. They were really good.

I completely disagree. There is non need to just deal with it. There are so many long breaks in the action where TSN goes to commercial that it is very easy to just wait to move back to your seat. It is very rude and disrespectful to go back to your seat while the game is on. There’s nothing worse than missing a great play because someone is getting out of or coming back to their seat at an inappropriate time.

  1. Marching Band. A few years ago they brought in a band that sometimes played in between plays.

I really enjoyed that feature too. But they did seem to receive little respect, with the PA music continuing to blare and the PA guy continuing to blather on.

Bring back the dog races!

Yes Yes Yes
Especially the Controversial ones!
I pay a lot of money to see the game live, and I’m jealous of the folks at home watching for free who get to see the replays of questionable calls etc.
Show the replays please.

Thats brutal. Ticats should have them there every game. The bands create a fun NCAA type atmosphere.

absolutely love drum lines.

one of the things that make US college ball look so much better than our game (on TV).

Hamilton is just so predictable in the way they treat secondary entertainment.

The same story was provided about the original cheerleaders, prior to our year without.

We also had a story from a parent of the young cheerleaders, providing similar stories.

Would definitely like to see Caretaker (and co.) take better care (sorry, pardon the pun) of the secondary forms of entertainment in the stadium.

Lose the DJ. The ones who appreciate the playlist and the amplified volume, are not in the seats to listen, and the ones who are in the seats don’t appreciate the playlist nor the volume.

  1. Bring back the live tiger that was caged in those days at the West Endzone :smiley:

Great old days when Pal Hal owned the Cats, and he at least won us a Grey Cup during his tenure
as owner of the team !! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Ahhh, the good old days !!! :wink: