additions to D needed for 2007

-a dominant MLB and OLB (Armour is the only LB who ever makes plays. Mariuz, Hitchcock and Barrenechea are invisible out there)
-a younger, more agressive D-Line (goodbye Devonte Peterson, Josue, Pilon, Holsey, Roger Dunbrack and James Cotton. Hello Cheatwood, Clinton Wayne, Collier, and at least one free agent all-star DL in 2007)

I like our entire secondary, though. Lots of good young talent there:

Invite all of these DB's back, plus a few more young guns, and let them fight it out for jobs in 2007. Our secondary is not the problem with this team. It's the lack of a consistent pass rush.

Sounds alot like TSN's Leif Pettersens' summary of our D.
I agree with needing a bigger ,dominant middle linebacker

I'd add Shaw to the list of players who should be replaced.

Or even consider him for a LB position by virtue of his strong blitzing abilities.

However, he is listed as 5'9", 191 lbs.

your kidding right?..Shaw at linebacker!!?
guys afraid to hit a 5'10" receiver when he is 10 -15 yards from srimmage..Imagine him near the line..he'll be crying in his cleats..
get rid of him!...

You’re right, of course. What was I thinkin’? His usual tackling style is to turn around and expose his back to the ball carrier as he bounces off of him.

I'd like to see Beveridge or Gauthier step up and be a Hitchcock-like safety.

all positions in secondary are open, coverage was terrible, and no bump and run at all, new D.C and taller db,s are needed imo

But for a few dropped balls last night,BC could have been a lot further ahead.The deep coverage broke down a few times,with Cats players kinda looking at each other,not sure of their roles.They need a lot of work.

:lol: ..phew..ok!

and even funnier: when he jumps on the guys back..while he runs for another 10 he tries to knock the ball out!! :lol:

what about a new defensive co-ordinator? :o

How about that Geroy Simon TD bomb that was called back because of a penalty?

Shaw was no where to be seen.

On the replay you can see Simon busting the broken coverage and Shaw running to the other side of the field. Furhtermore, you can see the QB looking Simon's way the entire time.

wasn't the first time this year where Shaw was nowhere to be seen,the guy is in "lala"land most of the game.

Im thinking maybe Tay Cody would be a great safety ????

I believe Cotton should be brought back, at least to training camp, yes he had a terrible year but the only thing I think he needs to work on is CONTAINING the passer. How many times did he dominate the O-linemen only to have the quarterback get outside of him. If he can do that I think he could have a monster year next year.

The reason I asked about defensive philosophy on another thread is because certain players play better in specific schemes. I'm just wondering WHY wewant specific players and what we'll be asking of them.

Cody COULD be a great safety, the problem is we have 3 canadian safeties (2 of whom I feel are capable of being on this team as a starter. I'll give you a hint who they are. One is currently listed as CB, and the other isn't Shaw) and we don't have the best stable of corners.... so I think someone like Tay Cody should remain a dominant D-Halfback

There's no way you'll ever have a strong secondary as long as Shaw is there. He's supposed to be supporting on the deep coverages......the guy is always late arriving on the play. As far as being physical.....hands down the weakest tackler on the team. A real physical safety that's closes well on the ball.....automatically the whole secondary improves 100%.
A rangey, hard hitting mlb is a must. I certainly wouldn't rule out Josue or Dixon. With a year under their belts, they should come back to camp ready to step up and be impact players.
On the D line, we definitly have to bring in a couple impact players....most likely a import and non-import capable of stepping in and starting. I'm a little worried about the injuries to Cheat, Peterson, and Cotton's off year.

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