Addison Richards Retires!

Most of you going WHO???

Richrds ws 11th overll pick 2 or 3 yrs bck - bsiclly revenge pick when SRR picked rel thlete Nic Demski #6 overll. Bombers were pining for Demski - thought Richards might suffice. One of the biggest duds in recent bomber history.

scrap-heap pick with others like:

Kito Pooblah
J Etienne
Tyson Pencer
Lyle Waggonner
Failth Ekakitie

2017 draft might go down s Guber Kyle's worst! Burning #1 on Precious Ekakitie,#6 on Geoff Gray (Green Bay signing). Coulda had Vandervoort & the other hot canuck WR as trainees for the positions. At least one would have worked out, I strongly suspect!

This poor guy spent more time injured than anyone I can remember. Hope he heals up for his next career, ideally in a non contact environment.
On to the positive, perhaps his payroll can go to a worthy cause, like an NFL cut MLB.....

Can't miss what we didn't have....I think we kept him around too long taking up a spot...Contact sport is off the boards for Richards...I'm looking forward to see what Drew Wolitarsky can do...the guy we picked up in the supplemental...Maybe he'll make up for that blown pic.

Lots of speculation in Sask the bombers will go after recently benched Nic Demski after his contract in Regina expires. Good back up and rotation canuck with Feoli-Guadino. Would be an upgrade over vermin like Etienne, Pooblah, Richards, etc. Sign him, Guber!

Lyle, you make it sound like only the Bombers have bad picks. A draft is a crap shoot at best. Many CDN boys don't make it but look at all the big name Americans who have flopped. The fact that this league has so many American GMs and coaches doesn't help our boys chances either.... Injuries shouldn't play into the failure rate...Used to be in this league that the CDN boys were highly valued and highly used. I hope we return to that soon.

You have no idea if those 2017 picks make it or not.Poblah,Etienne and Pencer were all Mack picks.

To bad for Addison,but he was continually injured.He had all the tools,hands,size,speed but no ability to stay healthy.

But with the national/international rules, you have to have good Canadians to win a GC. They form a major part of every team. Ok, unless you have a Doug Flutie that can win championships on their own more or less but those players don't come around very often. :wink:

I agree Earl but if you only play your Canuck receivers as blockers then they won't be recognized as having a major part in the game. Not too many people notice a good block by a receiver. ST is full of canucks who never get to play D or O and then just fade away till another draft pick comes along.

If it's within the rules, then that's the way it goes. And teams can employ all the Americans they want in the coaching and GM ranks.

I'm not sure Addison will stay retired for long TBH. Feoli-Gudino has cemented his spot as the National starting receiver in the lineup with his performance the last couple of weeks. Coates wasn't going to lose his spot as he's now the holder for Medlock with Dressler out. With Richards' injuries they added Brett Blazko as a free agent and Drew Wolitarsky in one of the supplemental drafts. Richards faced a uphill climb to get his spot back as he got healthy. With the retirement he gives himself time to step away and fully heal. I would not be surprised if he unretires to give it one more shot next spring.

Simply put - Richards may have considered himself a professional athlete for the better part of 25 months - but the sad fact is he didn't catch one pass - and if my information is correct - only dressed for one exhibition match.

He was an above average CIS receiver - but in the sluggo world of the CFL, his genetics simply couldn't tolerate hitting, rapid turns on turf or grass or a quality workout plan.

Another top 10 draft bust for a team that's pretty much famous for such busts.

ie. Tyson Pencer, Lamont Waggoner, Jade Etienne, Kito Pooblah, etc.

Goose Goosen and Suk Chungh made it because for all intents and purposes they had to. Goosen has progressed from eager sideline flunkie to tolerable but slightly below average OG. Chungh has progressed from top CIS lineman in draft to above average RG.

Goosen and Chungh are intrigal parts of a pretty good O line.They are good O linemen.Keep beating that deadhorse Nate.

Kwik correct - Goosen, of course is the bombers centre, not OG. He's bulked up over the last 3 years but he's still a bit under-powered. Not a great earth-mover in the middle, can't move hefty and strong opposition DTs - but he's technically decent, a good team kid and when combined with monsters like Hardick, Bryant, Bond & Chungh - he's adequate.

Chungh on the other hand will be a highly sought after free agent when his contract expires this season. If the bombers continue their dance of mediocrity - I suspect he'll want out - to a land where he can not only excel at his position but win a conference title at the least, Grey Cup at the most.