Addison back at practice vrs CGY

DTs Wade and Dean have traded places, again this week. Wade has been activted, off the PR and Dean, who played just the last game, goes back to the PR.
Source: - July 8/19

Great news!

Is chucking dimes a good thing? I haven’t kept up with the language the kids use today.

This is the level of reporting we get on our team now.
Our current (very good) QB is “chucking dimes” to his top targets.

I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with Pokemon.

Why wouldn’t he be? He’s not suspended yet, so where else would he be?

This waiting on the results of the hearing must be frustrating for the coaches, not knowing if he’ll be eligible to play this week or not.

From the coach’s comments, post practice Day 4, it looks like, in addition to Thomas Erlington, we’ll be be without Van Zeyl and Williams against Calgary. Considering that, and how many minds may be on bye week travel details, I won’t be placing any dollars on the Cats, particularly with them favoured by 6 pts. :-\