Adding numbers and a name to a Cats jersey

Anyone have an info where the best place to get numbers and a name put on a Cats jersey and how much it will cost approximately? Probably Sports Obsession Roarr Store I gather?

Nope. J&B Sports on Centennial Parkway in Hamilton. They do a great job.

Thanks caiteag for this.

No worries! :slight_smile:

Sorry, but best of the best is AUTHENTICITY in St. Kits. Its what Sports Obsession uses and what ticat store uses.for the last 3 years almost all ticat fans have had their jerseys done by this person.take it too the ticat stores... you wont be dis-appointed.

The number packages are all ordered from the same supplier, what matters is the quality of application and final cost to you.

J&B Sports also does some work for the Tiger Cats as well

you won't be dissapointed with your final product.

Tell John Perogie sent you

Ok, now I'm a bit confused, which doesn't take much I'll add. I've given a lot of business to Sports Obsession so maybe I'll give J&B a chance...
Thanks also 110.

Well, for my 51st at the end of May, my wife took my jersey into Sports Obsession at Limeridge and got the numbers and letters done (think it was sent to St. Catharines to Authenticity as mentioned they told her). No. 26, Garney Henley who I loved watching as a kid, my favourite player. It looks awesome!

Told ya you would be happy Earl.
They always do a great job..and always will !!!!

Thanks drew and others for the info.