Adding an Image to signature?

Had to get rid of my AB3 pic :cry: want to update a new pic for my signature pic but I am not the greatest with computers how can I do this easily as I have tried the same way as before but it won't upload the new image .....

Thanks cats99

you did everything right…but delete the two “url” thingys…leave the two “img” though

but (and there’s always a but)…the right hand ‘img’ must have a / in front of it…so it will be [/img] when youre done…the left hand one is only [img]

but (another one)…image size can not exceed 100x100 pixels

Good luck ! :smiley:

You probably want to put [/img] in place of the second [img] and delete the .jpg from the picture address.

??? :wink:

PiCats is talking about a8/0831d6ea4552b3ad1d6851246822.jpeg.jpg this part to be deleted, no need for 2 extensions here.

cats, try this[/img "]

Remove the " in the end img tag and it will work.... although it might be a tad big for here in a signature


Thanks Guys ! I like the bigger pics , but they won't load for me error to big .......!?

Any forum has limits on image sizes in signatures. No one wants one persons signature dominating a whole page. We should be concentrating on what people say and not giant signature pics.

After seeing the picture that you tried to add (which I see was in HTD's post) it does seem that it took up too much space and so that was the reason you got that error message.

But IMHO, that picture in your signature looks fine the way it is.

cats... PM me an email address I'll resize the picture if you like and email it back to you

This post got me thinking..... I have decided to offer free image hosting.. no sign up needed just upload your pic and you get various different links to it for many different uses

You get auto generated links for:

BBCode (Forums)
Myspace urls
Direct Link (email and IM)

The image is also linked to small thumbnail, thumbnail, image as well as a delete image link.

Feel free to use this for signature images or general posting images.

Might help to add the damn

Pic Pit

Here you go cats


Thanks HalfTheDistance! :thup:

Pics must have at most 100 vertical pixels. This one has more than that.

I didn't check the max... fixed



No problem at all