Added features to the schedule

Hello all,

We have now added "Head to Head" and "This week in the CFL" PDF's to the schedule. Head to Head does statistical comparisons of players and This week displays comparative team stats all of which is to assist in your weekly picks.

Click on the PDF files posted beside this weeks games

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Thanks! keep up the good work!

Interesting stats:

Last year, on October 23:

  • A. CALVILLO = 26/37; 420 yards, 1 int. 3 TDs; 5 yards rushing.
  • B. BANKS = 26/37; 317 yards; 1 int. 2 TDs; 36 yards rushing.

This was the best performance by a Renegades QB against Montreal ever. Joseph never went over 234 yards and was topped at 21 completions.

PDF? that means Adobe doesn't it? That doesn't seem to work on my "puter for some reason.

That's because the PDF files a re a lame prehistoric support.

and still no player bios! :x