Add Bill Munsey to the wall of honor

I want to see his name added to the wall of honor. After all he is and will always be the Lions biggest single game hero of all time.

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Not every game was on tv back in the sixties. The first one I remember was the 1964 Grey Cup and of course it would have been televised and no doubt the family was watching.

Munsey scored the three touchdowns. What never dawned on me was that he was not the full time running back. I learned he was only subbing in probably 40 years later to my great surprise as I always remembered the game.

Rewatched the 64 GC a few years ago and was interested in seeing Joe Zuger play linebacker among others. Bernie Faloney was outstanding as a QB. So many other big names.

They should show those old games on CHCH or something similar. 62 Western final 2 out of 3 Winnipeg / Calgary was another good one. Crowd noise was a factor.

He had to play offence and defence and he got a TD both ways.