adarius bowman

at times our dline today still created some havoc out there... but itl be a whole nother level when hunt, willis, and brown are added to the mix... throw in a few veteran dbs, add ike and jolo back to the mix and our defense will have a new, meaner face on in the july 2nd game..

hoopefulyy they set their starting oline soon so those guys get some chemistry down, we need fred to be effective, as our recieving corps may not be consistent from week to week at the start... which will make a balanced attack more important..

and i agree with ur recievers killer. edwards and ralph in the slot. harris and bowman wide, with either watson or davis as the extra depending on how our ratio shapes up... davis seems like a versatile guy, and to be completely honest at this point id rather go with an extra imprt in the rec. corps.... i see potential in watson and arthur, but i dont think they are there yet.

and i still expect to see annother wr on his way to town soon... not necessarily to replace anyone... but to learn the system and put a fire under our starters... hopefully bowmans hands come around... i think the new guy smith is as good as gone... willie foster will be cut... and ball most liekly gone too because of his injury and the emergence of davis as a steady reciever

One thing for sure, we can't go into the season with that kind of production from our recievers. These drops have to be something mental. Are they trying too hard or what?

After today I will never complain about TSN again. Man that game was something else. Hope the announcers have daytime jobs they can go to.

Bad enough that you're actually looking forward to Rod Black calling a game? :lol: is a very knowledgable site... a lot of those guys really know what they are talking about, regardless of what you think

Every site has:

  1. people who know what they're talking about
  2. people who think they know what they're talking about
  3. total nutjobs

At times ourbombers seems to have more of the second and third group than the first but that can also be said about every site as well. Every site also has a reputation. Ourbombers is said to be overly critical, Extra Point is said to be for koolaid drinkers and this forum is for the best posters from both of those sites. :wink: :lol:

sorry man, has people who dont even watch the games, have no way to watch the game and base their opinions on what other fans say.. dont care if you've been posting there for years, that was the home to that nasty nate fella.. now theres some guy named bombs there who seems to have taken over that role.

fact is.. if they knew so much they would be coaching but they arent. sure they have people with knowledge, just like this site and but... at times on, its.. just too much.

they might be knowledgable and they might be fans.. but.. they, just like all of us, have NO IDEA WHAT LAPOLICE is looking for. NO IDEA are soooooo correct :thup: :lol: especially about this sites' posters :rockin:...number 1 category for sure aaaaaaand 3 :lol:

all 3 sites are good for what they bring... i agree ourbimbers is very critical, and makes everything seem peachy... but those two sites have a lot of bomber fans, and very good discussions and active posting... this forums doesnt really pick up a whole lot until the season is under way... at which point it is def the most balanced forum, and the most fun because we can interact with fans league wide! :rockin:

I read the other 2 forums ,too, but when I want reliable info and great insight, I read you guys. My son reads here ,too. Thanks!!!

.....nice to see you back on dan.... :thup:

ya i definately lurk on ourbombers during the off-season, but when the season starts i come here, when i read ourbombers, i get the feeling that its doomsday in bomber land, people are so negative, and it gets overwhelming sometimes.

Thanks,Papa! Now I can't wait for the season to begin. It could be a bit of a hard climb, with all the new faces, but soon enough the team will reach cruising speed.Have to agree with milt on the negativity thing. No matter what happens , I'll always be a Bomber fan.