adarius bowman

3 drops on the first half... After 2 last game... 2 of his drops today were easy throws right in his hands and were thrown from close range... Expect a few more recievers in town soon boys, frankly bowman has been awful through preseason

uve been hanging out on too much man.

just gonna say tho :stuck_out_tongue: maybe the receivers are listening to the same announcers on the tv cuz lord knows they are putting me to sleep. TERRIBLE ANNOUNCING today on cablle shaw 9.


u gotta take it for what its worth.. its our rooks vs their starters.

besides edwards dropped one, others have too. its not just bowman. the only guy catching balls is mini milt jeffers-harris.

Adarius Bowman does need to work on the dropsies. As for rookies vs starters, that's true for defense but the offense has a lot of vets in. Jeffers-Harris has been impressive today.

I'm not going to be like them and say cut him... But come on man, he should be owning the rookies like harris is... He can't catch anything today, I know its just preseason, but I have to be concerned when our number 2 reciever is playing so poorly when he should be owning out there

no true enough. needs to take care of the dropsies for sure. if he keeps dropping he wont be going to the nfl next year like he wants too.

but these announcers are just awful and makes thte game abit more boring then it is.

certainly not just bowman.. jesus who is 89?

but all things considered, our rooks looked ok vs the ticats first team offense.

this game is closer than it should be.

That's Jamayel Smith. He just signed a few days ago.

k thanks cuz these announcers just dont have a clue at all.

looks like no dimichele today. seems like he got a fair shot. :roll:

nevermind, he's in there now with the other guys who willl be cut.

im gonna go out on a limb and say jyles is the starter week 1.

Was at the game today, Bowman has 3 drops that were right there in his hands, one of which he was in the endzone and was wide open.

ya it was on tv here. we all saw it. one of those drops was thrown behind him and on a rope really.

......Bowman does not look like nfl material at all....he doesn't sound like CFL material either.......It may only be pre-season but his problems, with regard to hanging on to the ball ,goes back to last year....and some rider fans had the same worries when he played for them... :roll: He appears to have all the tools but if he can't hold the pigskin and be more consistent...i dunno ...(oops sorry killer) it could be a career killer......NO nfl team would be interested in him whatsoever, with play like that...It'll be all he can do to hang on with the Bombers :roll: :roll:

edwards dropped a catchable ball, bowman also, foster also.. bombers receivers had a case of the dropsies today.. not just bowman, only guy who was consistent was jeffers-harris.

lapo on the post game show… mentions hard on shelton not practising and also the ticat kicker shanking the ball alot and not really being overly consistent so making it difficult for him to judge where the ball is gonna go most the time.

i tend to agree. that ticat kicker was very inconsistent and that cant be easy on the returners.

my 2 cents… brink looked really good out there. a couple of bad throws but still… he looked good. dimichele like pierce didnt really get a fair shot thats for sure. bad snaps, poor blocking by the oline. receivers need to hang onto the balls, refs were in pre-season mode also, how they missed a couple calls is beyond me, pierce was facemasked, no call. couplle of those offsides seemed a lil iffy also. crowd looked pretty full at the start but then they panned up and it looked EMPTY.

cogeco announcers make me want to shoot myself, disapointed the radio wasnt synced with the game.

guys who stood out, imo.

jeffers-harris, marcelus bowman, even tho tait calls em marty bowman, hicks had 7 tackles today.
chris smith again impressed. like suber also.

guys who did not…

shelton (but given what lapo said its expected), tate,the oline did not impress today at all, too many times the qb’s were running for their lives.

special mention to cory watson and alex brink also for standing out. jyles also. dimichele didnt get a fair shot.

I'll go out on a different limb and say he won't be.

...let's put it this way....There are a lot of fans noticing a player who should be holding on to the ball ...Edwards name or Fosters didn't seem to come-up that often...I know Killer you really like the guy...I do as well...BUT if there's someone else who will do better....We're going to have to look at that...Davis sounds like a solid receiver...Jeffers-Harris.....hmmmm we could've unearthed a gem... :wink:

...IF Pierce ain't starting the first reg. season game.....there better be an investigation :wink: :lol:

i know people like to rip on bowman but really.. they all had drops, just looked like they werent even trying. some people rip on him more than others cuz they dont like him for some reason. did he drop some balls? sure did. but.. so did alot of guys. thats all im sayin. u dont cut a guy like they are doing on cuz he dropped a couple balls in pre-season.

i agree tho, he had drops. he did but.. fact is u dont cut him just because he had a couple drops. bowman,edwards,jeffers-harris,ralph are guaranteed starters. who the 5th guy is.. NO IDEA.

if we goto 4 imps id say chris davis is making a decent case for claiming that job.. if we need to start a second canuck.. then geez i have no idea at this point, watson will be very good imo... just not there yet. some one needs to step up.

no way bowman gets cut... he seems to almost effortless get open and get behind defenders, hes able to go up and fight for the ball with his size too. just doesnt mean a whole lot tho if he doesnt come down with it... and we have to remember bowman is what... 24? this year? he can be coached... and if he can get those hands to a semi-consistent status, he'd be scary good..

however i can see jeffers harris unseasting him for the #2 spot if bowman doesnt start strong in the season... maybe bowman would shine as a big play guy from the #3 spot? little less pressure to succeed in that spot.

said it b4, ill say it again, jeffers-harris is this years arcenaux.

id agree towelie, depends on what we go with but… 2 yanks on the line = bowman,edwards,jeffers-harris,ralph,watson (id suspect)

1 yank… davis instead of watson.

Sounds like the coaches did a good job of getting the 'bubble' players some playing time.

Hamilton won't know who they are facing next week.