Adarius Bowman

Is it just me, or is Bowman getting under peoples nerves? Maybe my expectations were too high for him. Don't get me wrong, I still believe he's a huge asset, but I believe he personally cost us that game last night with too many dropped passes. Especially potential chain moving, wide open passes that wind up bouncing off his hands.

However, I was out of my seat on the TD. Great catch.

Is stickum still illegal? :smiley:

He has got to get it together, with our injury list, he's got a lot of weight on his shoulders, but I was ready to pull my hair out with him.

Anyone know where to get stats as to attempts versus receptions on him? I looked briefly. I think he dropped at least 3-4 last night.

He dropped a couple. I see him as virtually a Ray Elgaard clone. Make the catch easy and it's an adventure. Make it difficult and it's a guaranteed catch.

He was looking where to run when he dropped the easy ones.

He's a rookie. Remember a guy named Andy Fantuz? He was very similar in his rookie year (and probably moreso in his second year, until he was benched and came back as a superpower). Certainly, coaches won't condone his dropped balls, but I am sure that they will not bail out on him either. Stick with him - if and as he learns from these game experiences, he will be that much better sooner.

oh, I agree legal, and I'm not bailing, I think we were lucky to get him and still stand, it's just hard to watch a guy who was supposed to be 1st round NFL, etc, etc cost us dearly. Disclaimer on the apples and oranges argument, I know, I'm just saying I expected more. Yet I'm conflicted on him because he will be a huge talent here. I liked his comments on 620 after the game, he isn't going home during the bye week, he's stated he's staying here and correcting this right now. I thought that was very admirable and very different attitude than what we're seeing these days from other "atheltes".

Here's hoping we see more TD's and less disappointing easy ones from him.

He may still end up in the NFL you guys. He has way too much talent.

He's not getting on my nerves, he's young and getting valuable experience right now, and he's still better than Copeland who is a seasoned vet :wink:

Just gotta be patient with him, I'd hate to see the fans start booing him, we put up with a much lesser French for far longer.

honestly, yes he has fallen shy of my expectations for him... however, this maybe for the better. his contract as it stands is a 1 and 1 option... And as i see it thus far he hasn't played spectacularly enough to be scouted down south. thus he may take up the option year, or even better, talk with redhead and re-work a contract. ( or so i would love ) he's my age, so i can understand why his production hasn't been as much as i expected... however i still think that he's growing into a great gang green player =) i would love for him to stick around a lil longer.

Bowman is like Fantuz was in rookie year. Some great catches. Some drops. Not like a NFL number 1 draft pick. But Bowman is good. If I had to pick 1 between Bowman and Dressler I would pick Dressler. Fast. Catches every pass. Good returner. To bad Berman got hurt. He looked like a good rookie to. Omar Morgan told a friend of mine this. Berman was the best receiver on the team in practice. Cant remember 3 rookie receivers on Riders this good. Heard a lot about Vincent Marshall from Austin and Tillman last year. Did not play when he came to Regina late last year. But Austin and Tillman said he could be great. This year he didnt make team. Now with injuries he is back. Maybe Marshall will do what they said he could. Without Fantuz and Flick and Dominguez and Berman Riders need Marshall.

And just like I said about Fantuz last year--worry about Bowman if he isn't getting open. As long as he is open, he likely will eventually learn to catch the ball. I think he just needs to relax, and realize he has more time than he thinks. On a lot of plays, the ball is right there and for some reason he is jumping to make the catch. I am sure the coaches will notice that as well and straighten him out.
He is going o be fine!

Bowman was just getting the dropsies out of his system!

He will not drop anymore this season.

I think Bowman had the US college mentality of it's just the CFL and he could just show up and look good for a year. It's still football and you have to catch the damn pigskin! I heard he had adjusted his attitude and is concentrating on his receiver skills during the break.
Good on him, he will be fine and we will need him.

He better get it together or he might not end up getting a shot for the NFL. And we need him!!

He isn't making the NFL after this year unless he seriously picks it up.

I still find it fishy that the NFL wouldn't draft him because of his possession charges. I think it had more to do with his poor showing at the combine.

Just give him a chance, for one marcus doesn't even throw to him very often, and two he's just like Andy Fantuz, and look at him now. He just need's to ajust to our way of playing a little bit more, and then he'll be alright.

it is interesting Bowman has one bad game with a couple of drops and people are ready to give up with him. However, Marcus has three very very average games and people want to annoint him the savour....

Bowman is young he made a couple of rookie mistakes....he will be okay. I don't think he will get a try out yet. But the season is still young. Look a J. Richardson, he got a tryout with just average season and coming off a serious ankle injury. So it will be hard to say if he gets a tryout.

Mike, don't exagerate. Who's annointing Marcus as savior? I think the best anyone hopes of him is to manage the game ... no more than Kerry did.

Practice reports have Bowman taking very few reps.

Don't be surprised if he doesn't play next week.

I agree with your points on Bowman, the guy is still young and will only get better and more confident the more he plays, but I think you're reaching just a tad bit on the Crandell bit.

The guy is open all night long, but can't catch the ball. Fantuz started last season the same way but took player of the week 6 times in the second half. This guy keeps on disappointing so far.

Only way this will happen is if Marshall or Hernandez are ready to go, which is possible. Mike Washington also needs his walking papers, in a game like we had he needed to step up, but he didn't have one ball sent his direction. Difficult to do when the receiving corps has be decimated. Palmer also needs to go.