Adarius Bowman traded and Rempel acquired

Considering Bowman’s performance, and Dressler’s rise to prominence, it seems like a no-brainer for Bowman to be traded. I hope he fits in with Winnipeg’s offense and plays well.

As for Rempel, nice to see another local boy come home to play for the Green and White. Good idea to stockpile OL to replace Makowsky and O’Day as they get longer in the tooth.

I doo see this as a positive... but i still don't like to loose bowman. =( this makes me a slightly sad panda... I still have very high hopes for bowmans cfl career.. I wish him and his all the best, except when playing against my green and white. - lol

Rempel... 6'6 - 322... sounds great, anyone have anything to say of him?? ( also glad to get a few draft picks -- thats never a bad thing )

Adding to the Sask content on the team:

Neil Hughes
Scott Shultz
Chris Getzlaf
Joe McGrath
Jason Cleremont
Gene Makowsky
Stu Foord
Teal Orban
Jordan Rempel

If Tyler Roehl pans out, we'll have a pretty strong North Dakota contingent as well, to attract a few fans up for games.

Taking the buy / invest locally to a whole new level.

And I forgot that Mike Stadnyk was recently signed.

Tillman got taken by O'Billovich.

How do you figure?

Good deal for both teams. All 3 actually. Though I suspect Winnipeg is less than happy to see Goodspeed go to Hamilton.

Bowman was a disaster in Saskatchewan.

mr. Drops was not a good fit and I'm glad to see him go!

So you wanted Fantuz gone when he struggled with the drops too, right?

Import recievers are a dime a dozen. Non-Imports are much harder to find.

It is a lot harder to replace Fantuz than it is to replace Bowman. I'm much more concerned about who is going to replace Bowman than I am about pondering what he might amount to.

Fact is, we have too many recievers. I've been saying for a while that Bowman has the highest trade value and has been underperforming. I'm glad they got something in return rather than cutting him during Training Camp.

Could not have said it better myself.

One other tidbit - Bowman signed a 1+1 contract last year, so this is his option year. It's a catch-22 - if he plays real well, he's going to do all he can to get into the Show. And if he doesn't stick, he comes back as a free agent so anyone can sign him.

And if he doesn't have a good enough year to even warrant a look dopwn south - what have we given up?

I couldn't imagine Bowman making the NFL, dropping a pass on the numbers and then joggings away with an ear to ear grin on his mug........

The CFL with it's new SMS is now all about great scouting and connections.
Add to that the depression in USA, and suddenly import receivers are MORE than a dime a dozen.

Trading Bowman was a great choice. Getting another promising young hometown boy like Chad Rempel is much more important than some random american wide receiver who had problems all season catching the football. He didn't show that he cared at all either. He would laught after dropping a pass that was right on the money! The guys we have picked up in the off season have much more promise than Bowman does as a lot of them have already played in the NFL or have put up sick numbers in college with good teams. Even though Bowman had a great college career and did show promise early last season he just didn't pan out and showed no real sense of urgency to get better. A guy like Rempel will give it everything he's got as he will be playing with his hometown team and also learning from masters of the game like Makowsky and O'Day. The riders have made smart moves this past off season by investing in a solid core of good players instead of just three or four great and high priced players like Toronto and Edmonton have done recently. Bam Childress, Johnny Quinn, and Todd Blythe all look incredibly talented judging by the numerous highlight reels that have been composed of their college careers on youtube. The riders not only have a good team that will compete this season but also have good young talent that will help them in the years to come.

Fantuz was the same way. Short memory…

Also, do you guys all forget how at one point Adarius Bowman was supposed to be the 1st receiver selected in the NFL draft last year?
He obviously has skills.

no because I knew that Fantuz would not allow it to hamper his attitude!

Bowman is a troublemaker.

yah, skills at dropping a catchable ball!

some skills.... :roll:

Just ignore the people who now that he is gone think he was no good Jman. Fact is, he had/has a ton of potential. What it came down to is, some of the other receivers we have also have a ton of potential, but we were able to get the equivalent of 3 2nd round draft picks for Bowman and that is a good deal for a proven starter, not just a guy with potential.

And one more comment. Just to get some perspective. 3 2nd round draft picks is more than we got in either the Fred Perry or the Kerry Joseph trade. Not bad for a guy some of you wanted to run out of town, and others love even though at the moment of his departure was not a starter on the depth chart.

Other players involved in the deal:

Rempel ( 2nd rounder )
Morin-Roberge ( a 4th rounder )
Brady Browne ( 5th rounder )

When you look at it, we got:
4 - 2nd round players - ( Rempel, and 3 picks )
1 - 5th round pick ( 2011 or 2012 )

1 - 4th round pick ( Morin-Roberge )
2 - 5th round picks ( Browne, 2012 )
1 - 6th round pick ( 2010 )

Not to further complicate things, but there was also a neg-list player swap with Winnipeg, although that's about as speculative as a subprime mortgage fund.