Adarius Bowman retires in Elks' Green and Gold

EDMONTON — One of the best receivers in franchise history is retiring in Green and Gold.

Adarius Bowman announced his retirement Wednesday from the Edmonton Elks, officially ending an 11-season career in the CFL.

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Good for you Adarius Bowman.

But talk about bad timing on our part. We gave up on Bowman and his butterfingers in 2010... just ONE year before he figured out how to work those big fingers of his.

If I ever get to ask him a question it'll be, "Did a lightbulb go off in your head during that off season or did someone in Edmonton show you how to catch?"

Very true, Adarius struggled for much of his career, though he found his stride mostly with Edmonton 14-16, fitting he will retire in Edmonton. All the best to you Mr. Bowman.

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It wasn't done right when Bowman first retired so good to see. The story I heard re: the change in Edmonton was this. He had played WR in college & in Regina & Winnipeg. Kavis Reed moved him inside because he thought Adarius had too much time to think about catching the ball on the outside. Playing inside allowed him to just let his instincts take over & not get the heebie jeebies. True or not? Dunno. But he was an inside guy for the Elks.

Bowman became very close to Reed & Richard Harris in Winnipeg, ironically both coaches on D, & credited both of them for spending time with him, in a reflective interview in 2014. Of course, Reed brought him to Edmonton in 2011 after leaving Winnipeg & the rest is history. Bigger than life personality with a big heart.


Never heard that before, but makes sense, other than 1 good year in WPG, he belongs to Edmonton, happy for him. Perhaps will be involved if football sometime down the road. Hope nothing but the best for him.

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I think I also read that he had a vision issue that was part of the issue of dropped balls. He got glasses which helped a lot but even in his heyday he dropped a few "easy ones'

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Guess somebody must have told him what a stupid name Elks is so he changed his mind.

Speaking of names, pythons are native to the Old World, boas are new world. Technically that would be montyboa, no?:snake::slightly_smiling_face:

Big hole to fill for the EE, but there are always Diamonds in the rough to found. Some rise instantly some take a few years to develop their stride

IMO Bowman & Arcenaux weren't there to make the team but perhaps help out with the receivers in training camp. With Lawler, Walker, Tolliver, Bryant & Carter (if need be) there as import receivers, there really isn't a starting role for them. But, to be fair to Arcenaux, there are receivers that still play @ 34. I just don't see it happening unless Jones keeps him on the PR.

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Now that's clear. He wanted to retire in Edmonton. I think that is awesome. As an organization it would make me proud to have guys looking to do that and make a celebration out of it.

Bowman always represented himself, his team, and the league with pride, integrity, and has always been an outstanding community minded man. I can honestly say the worst word I head about him was drop.

But we still remember the one drop. Happened every game almost. Once he got that out of the way....

We should all get together and pay for some therapy for @montypython so he can learn how to move on in life......


Ya. I think he's just getting started.......:open_mouth:
........ wait till you see the "full Monty":laughing::innocent: